Dulce De Leche Frozen Yogurt

Dulce De Leche Frizen Yogurt

Dulce De Leche Frozen Yogurt

I decided to make this delicious combination because the other night my lovely husband treated me to a yummy dinner at Zydeco’s and then a frozen treat at Sub Zero.  First off  Zydeco’s Cajun Restaurant : DELICIOUS, FUN AND GREAT SERVICE!  Win!  It was featured on  Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives a few years back and I see the owner quite often at my part-time job (not the substitute one…the cooking demo one).  Debbie  is a lovely lady and I love to support local joints!  The End.

About the Sub Zero Ice Cream  place.  It was more an experience rather than kick butt frozen treats….in my humble opinion.  The concept is liquid based (ice cream, frozen yogurt, soy milk, coconut milk…etc…).  They add a flavoring and mix-ins and wham hit it with liquid nitrogen.  Cool concept but overall flavor was so so.  I mean don’t take this the wrong way but Ben and Jerry’s still tastes better than that to me.  But it’s fun and you’ve got to try it at least once in your lifetime.  Check.  Done.  Now I want real flavor.

My selection at Sub Zero place: frozen yogurt with Dulce De Leche (as my flavor) and Reese’s peanut butter cup as my mix-ins (yes I am predictable).  Matt picked ice cream with caramel flavoring and toffee mix-in (my suggestion!).

Mine was good but I couldn’t really taste the Dulce De Leche.  Total bummer.  Matt says that it’s because I had too much Reese’s ….sorry but when you add Reese’s you’ve got to go for that extra scoop!   😉

So today, I decided the best way to get this flavor to really hit home was to make it myself.  As my mom always told me: if you want something done right do it yourself!

For some reason I saw a lot of recipes online that  included heavy cream.  I opted for a healthier version…mind you I wouldn’t consider Dulce De Leche healthy but no cream might help a little!

take a close look at this mouth watering frozen yogurt

take a close look at this mouth watering frozen yogurt


1 13.4-ounce can Dulce De Leche

2 1/2 cup non-fat Greek yogurt

1 tablespoon agave syrup (or honey if you prefer)

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 teaspoon sea salt (or kosher salt)

3/4 cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips (optional)

How to:

In a large bowl combine your Dulce De Leche, Greek yogurt, agave syrup, vanilla and sea salt.  Using a whisk combine everything well.  Pour your mixture into your ice cream maker and freeze according to manufacturer’s instruction.  When the madness has run its course gently add your mini chocolate chips while machine is still running.  When everything looks dandy put your frozen yogurt into a tightly sealed container and put in your freezer until ready to serve.

the mixture...already 100% better than my Sub Zero frozen treat!

the mixture…already 100% better than my Sub Zero frozen treat!

I <3 my ice cream maker! It makes magic!

I ❤ my ice cream maker. It makes magic!


In the container it goes....after quite a few taste tests  ;)

In the container it goes….after quite a few taste tests 😉

Or dig in right away!  I did!   🙂

Note: if you do not serve the frozen yogurt within the next few hours it may harden but let sit at room temperature for a few minutes and all will be good.

My after dinner treat! Simply Perfect if you ask me!

My after dinner treat! Simply perfect!

This is super creamy, a little tart and filled with amazing Dulce De Leche flavors….bursting with flavor…lots…tons….a multitude of flavors…OK OK I’ll stop…but it’s really really really good if you ask me  😉

homemade frozen treat truly are DA BESTEST!

homemade frozen treats truly are DA BESTEST!

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