Funny T-Shirt Giveaway

Giveaway WINNER: Cynthia Smith! 🙂

I LOVE and I mean LOVE LOVE  good t-shirts.  I love funny t-shirts.  I love a company that can put both together….GOOD and FUNNY!

🙂  So today, because I think they are bombastic and the awesomest, I am sharing with you some seriously funny and seriously comfortable t-shirts from the lovely company I Am Not Your Average Shirt.  Find their site: here

Here are a few tees that I want…..because I am a tee hoarder….yes I don’t just hoard food and alcohol…I have issues with clothes as well!

not sure if I can order that you know I am no longer allowed to drink martinis...neither is my BFF Janine....long story

not sure if I can order that one…as you know I am no longer allowed to drink martinis…neither is my BFF Janine….long story

hahaha good one!

hahaha good one!

that is so perfect....nerds are IN...don't you know?

that is so perfect….nerds are IN…don’t you know?

oh yes....yummy!

oh yes….yummy!

But in the end here is what I went for….running and wine….my two favorite activities!  😉 I ❤ running shirts

NOTE: I am NOT a model….I am not good about having my picture taken…and I am a goofball….here’s the proof….ENJOY!

things are starting off somewhat OK...I guess

things are starting off somewhat OK…I guess

look at me...I can fly!

look at me…I can fly!

FYI that's the top of my head

FYI that’s the top of my head

always a good idea to involve a crazy dog in a photo shoot

always a good idea to involve a crazy dog in a photo shoot

well show's over folks...move along!

well show’s over folks…move along!

So because the cool peeps at The I am Brand company are so awesome they not only sent me a great tee to enjoy but also one for one of my lucky followers!  YAY FOR YOU!

Here’s what you need to do to enter……each comment is worth one entry.

1- comment on this post with which tee you like (yep you will need to go to the website) here

2- go like Isabelle at home on Facebook and leave a comment that you did: Isabelle at home

3- go like I am Brand t-shirt on Facebook and leave a comment that you did: The I am Brand

4- Tweet, Instagram, Share….or all just let me know what you did!  🙂

Simple enough?  I think so.  Giveaway open till: Sunday August 25 Midnight.  I will announce the winner on: Monday August 26.  The winner will get to choose which t-shirt they want and of course which size they want (yep we are nice like that!)

Giveaway open to residents of the good ol’ US of A and Canada (still my birth land!)

Note: the nice people at I am Brand Shirt also gave a 20% coupon for my readers to use at checkout.  Simply use the code: ISABELLE

Good Luck and as always THANK YOU for your support and being my peeps!

Peace and Love



Siggi’s Giveaway


Siggi’s super duper delicious Mango Pineapple

WINNERS: Rachel, Kristin, Sue and Tracy!

Siggi’s makes Skyr.  Siggi’s Skyr is the brain child of Siggi Hilmarsson.  Seems Siggi was homesick and like any good foodie decided to make “food” that would make him feel at home.  Home is New York State but “home/real home/birth home” is Iceland.  Read more about the brief history of Siggi’s : here

Skyr : is an Icelandic cultured dairy product, similar to strained yogurt.  It has been a part of Icelandic cuisine for over a thousand years.  It is traditionally served cold with a topping of sugar and cream. (thank you on-line dictionary)

Here’s how I came to fall in love with this “yogurt/skyr”…and I mean deep head over heels in love with it!  At a lovely and absolutely freezing cold JULY Lacrosse Tournament in Illinois the girls and I stopped at a Chez Target to kill a little time.  Note I am not a huge Target shopper.  It’s not that I don’t like their stuff….it’s that I like their stuff too much.  You need a pound of pasta and you leave the store with 20 bags and usually no stinkin’ pasta!  Anyway, while killing time, I was looking at their yogurt selection, yes I am weird like that.  It’s always good to know what they carry in grocery stores across North America!  Doesn’t everyone do that?  And there it was: Siggi’s skyr.  First off, since y’all know I am a HUGE visual person the packaging alone caught my attention.  Simple, clean and fresh….that’s all good!  Good job with the packaging marketing people!  Then I saw the flavors.  Vanilla, yum yes a classic!  Orange & Ginger (aren’t they the same thing…LOL….get it…people with red/orange hair are called gingers….OK never mind my brain is not right!) Mango & Pineapple! and then…..COCONUT!!!!!  OH YES!  Sold Sold Sold.

Find all their products and flavors here.

Then the taste test!  Love.  That’s what it tasted like.  I am not kidding.  Quit laughing.  It’s true.  This stuff is deeeeeliiiiiiicious!  It’s not what you would expect, because I was thinking Greek Yogurt, but it’s creamier, cleaner tasting and softer flavoring than a greek yogurt.  Also a bit more tart…like me!  🙂

hello gorgeous!

hello gorgeous!

This is the some of product Siggi’s offer.  I have to say I have tried them all and it’s ALL GOOD!  So good in fact it has made me a more frequent Chez Target shopper….which says a lot!  I like to use the drinkable Skyr called filmjölk  in my smoothies.  It’s so perfect, makes them smooth and creamy.

Like any good foodie/blogger I contacted the company.  Not only to tell them how much I loved their products but because I know social media is the (new) key to any successful company.  I thought they would enjoy sharing their products with you guys.  And they did!  They have so generously sent me 4 sets of coupons to share with you.  FREE STUFF PEOPLE! 

free skyr for 4 lucky Isabelle at home readers!

free skyr for 4 lucky Isabelle at home readers!

So here’s the deal.  If you are interested in a set of coupons please leave me a comment below.

If you want more chances then go like their page on Facebook here

Of course you could share, tweet, instagram…etc….simply leave a comment for each steps you took.

Giveaway open to US residents only (sorry peeps that’s how it goes!)

Giveaway open till: Sunday August 18 at midnight.  Winners will be announced on: Monday August 19.

Peace out,


Note: you can find Siggi’s at Target and Whole Foods or try this store locator

Juicing, Smoothies and a Giveaway

Giveaway NOW CLOSED.

Giveaway time!  You know I love a good giveaway but here is what I love about this one: it’s for your health!  That’s even better in my book!

Green Pak by Trace Minerals Research

Greens Pak by Trace Minerals Research

I am giving away a box of Greens Pak….CHOCOLATE flavor to boot!  Well in all honesty I am not giving it away….Audra from our local Country Nutrition Store  is really giving it away to one of my lucky readers!  Yes, she is that nice!  I cannot tell you how wonderful it is for us to go to our local  Country Nutrition Store and be able to ask questions about what to put in our juices or smoothies.  Mr Man found us a great green powder, maca root powder and some local bee pollen.  We would have never been able to learn so much if we didn’t ask and ask again.  Audra mentioned that our daughters would most likely love the taste of chocolate (ummmm….I LOVE the taste of chocolate!), she was correct.  This stuff tastes delicious and it’s filled with super power green supplement!  Certified Vegan.  Organic Raw Food.  Antioxidants.  Enzymes.  Probiotics.  Super Fruits.  Green Foods….etc…

Juicing and making smoothies is a HUGE fad right now.  I don’t care.  It’s a fad that’s healthy for you….we could all use a little more fruits and veggies in our diet!  The best way to boost any smoothies or juices: add some green powder.  It doesn’t taste bad, trust me!  Yes, it might make your drink look like an alien invasion but if that’s a problem then simply drink it out of a dark cup…you won’t have to look at it…problem solved….you are welcome 😉

WARNING*****HOT WATER ZONE******(meaning I might get in some with the following paragraph!)

Some people will have you believe that you need a juicer/juice extractor.  I disagree.  Not everyone can afford a $100+ juicer.  They are nice and do a great job but in reality if you have a blender you can make wonderful smoothies/juices in minutes.  You may have to sacrifice a bit in terms of texture but that can easily be fixed with adding some liquid and or yogurt for a creamy factor.  We are making delicious smoothies in our old blender, which you can find for about $20-$40. here .

Here is an example of a delicious fruit smoothie:

mmmm delicious smoothie...not very photogenic!

mmmm delicious smoothie…not very photogenic!


1 banana

3 whole strawberries (stem have lots of super powers!)

hand full of blueberries

1 kiwi (no peel…yuck…fuzzy!)

2 big tablespoons Chobani plain greek yogurt (0% non-fat or 2% low-fat)

1/2 to 3/4 cup coconut water or milk or soy milk or water or….you get the idea

1/2 cup crushed ice

1 packet Chocolate Green Pak

How to:

Put in your blender and hit blend.  Pour into a lovely (or not) glass.  Drink and feel the power!

this is not super nuclear science...go with what you like!

this is not super nuclear science…go with what you like!

kind of brownish...if using regular green powder it is SUPER green color...I kind of like that!

kind of brownish…if using regular green powder it is SUPER green color…I kind of like that!

Note: you may need to adjust the liquid depending on how thick you like your smoothies.

Win a box of delicious Chocolate Greens Pak! (Support nutrition, digestion, circulatory health and the body’s natural defenses!)

There is 30 lovely little packets per box!

There are 30 lovely little packets per box!

How to enter:

Leave a comment below 🙂

Extra entries:

Like my page on Facebook: here

Like Country Nutrition page on Facebook: here

Follow my blog via email (no worries this is top-secret stuff!) simply enter your email and follow the instructions!

Share this email with friends, family, frienemies, fauxfriends….etc….

PLEASE put a comment for each “action” I know… I know…. such work!  😉  Contest ends on Monday Feb. 25 2013 (midnight).  Winner will be announced on Tuesday Feb. 26 2013

Giveaway open to residents of the lovely United States of Americool and my birth land Coolnada (aka USA & Canada)

Peace out friends,


Note:  yes, we have a lovely local health food store and they are awesome.  Sadly….unless you live in the Greenwood vicinity or near their Decatur, IL location, I strongly suggest you find a local health food store and start asking questions about your health.  It matters.

Red Gold Giveaway

Giveaway time…why?  Well because the lovely people at Red Gold Tomatoes contacted me and graciously offered for me to try their new and YUMMY tomatoes from the Tuttorosso collection AND offered to send a package to one lucky winner (of the US of A only).

Tuttorosso by Red Gold

Tuttorosso by Red Gold

Here is a little bit of information that I wanted to pass along.

Red Gold (an Indiana favorite!!! which makes the Tuttorosso brand) has been around since the 1940’s.  Red Gold has focused on growing local tomatoes in the Midwest (Indiana, Michigan and Ohio) where true seasons impact the flavor of tomatoes. The Midwest, while it’s cold in the winter, has the perfect growing season for tomatoes, perfect angle of the sun, perfect temps — and even the winter is good for tomatoes, as it breaks up the soil for tiny root systems.

(that’s awesome…evidently not from my silly mouth but good info none the less!!!! I do love my Indiana tomatoes!)

Also from Red Gold Tuttorosso:

They’re giving away premium prizes every day on Facebook at — — through Dec. 22nd (you must register every day for each day’s prize).  Premium prizes for the Tuttorosso Ultimate Daily Giveaway will include items such as Stock Pots by Rachael Ray, Wusthof Knives, Wusthof Sharpener, Rachael Ray Pasta and Salad Bowls, Good Grips Garlic Press, Cheese Rotary Grater by Zyliss, etc.

With these lovely products in mind, I would like to share a couple of recipes that would be delicious with the new Red Gold Tuttorosso Tomatoes.  First a classic:

Eggplant Parmesan...the "ugly" but delicious truth ;)

Eggplant Parmesan…the “ugly” but delicious truth 😉

Eggplant Parmesan


2 medium to large eggplants

kosher salt (or regular if that is all you have)

1 1/2 cup flour seasoned with salt and pepper

4-5 eggs

2 cups Italian style bread crumbs

1 28-ounce can Tuttorosso Tomato Sauce by Red Gold

1 cup fresh basil chopped or shredded into small pieces

2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese

Parmesan cheese (for serving)

Crushed red pepper flakes (for serving)

How to:

First, slice your eggplant in about 1/2-inch thick slices.  Put them in a large bowl (I had to use 2) and salt each slice with your kosher salt, on both sides. You will need about 1/2 teaspoon per slice.  Let this rest at room temperature for 30 minutes.  When ready, rinse your eggplant well and dry your eggplant completely.  I put mine on paper towels to remove all of the water.

In a large pan heat the canola oil (about 1 inch of oil) on medium heat while you get the eggplant ready.

Second, make a little assembly line: in 3 shallow bowls (I used pie plates) have your flour, eggs (whisked) and bread crumbs.  Working in batches, dip each eggplant slice in the flour, eggs and then breadcrumbs.  Fry your pieces in canola oil until golden brown on each side.  You will need about 2-3 minutes per side.  Please note that every time you add oil, give the oil time to heat up before adding more eggplant.  I put all my fried eggplants on paper towel lined baking sheets, I want to absorb any excess oil.  When all is done set aside.  Time to assemble the whole madness.

Heat your oven to 400 degrees F.

Using a large baking dish (9X13), start with 1/2 cup of sauce followed by eggplant slices, top with another 1 cup of sauce, shredded basil then cheese.  Repeat this twice and finish with cheese.  You may have to cut some pieces in half to make everything fit in your dish.  Cover with foil and bake in preheated oven for 30-40 minutes.  Remove foil and bake for another 10 minutes until golden brown.  I did add some more cheese once I removed the foil because I “lost” some that was stuck to the foil…I couldn’t let that happen…I love cheese A LOT!

Note: I want to remind you of a few things.  Quality does matter here, as you notice, very few ingredients are involved so use the best you have or can find.  Also please do not skip the “salting” and draining of the eggplant.  I know it’s a pain but it is SO worth it.

My second recipe is one of my little gang’s favorite:

    American Chop Suey

American Chop Suey

American Chop Suey


1 1/2 lb ground beef

1 onion chopped

1 green pepper chopped (green is a must in my opinion…doesn’t taste the same with red or orange)

1 tablespoon oregano

1 tablespoon garlic powder

2 tablespoons soy sauce

1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

1 teaspoon sugar

1 28-ounce can Crushed Tuttorosso Tomatoes by Red Gold

1 1-pound box elbow macaroni noodles

Salt and Pepper to taste

Shredded Cheddar cheese for serving (extra sharp at our house)

How to:

Cook noodles according to package directions…well NOT QUITE…make them until they are almost done.  We will finish in the sauce!

In a large (larger than you think), add 1 tablespoon olive oil and 1 tablespoon butter, melt and blend well together.  Add your onion and green pepper.  Cook until soft and fragrant, 3-5 minutes.  Add your ground beef and cook until no longer pink.  Add your oregano, garlic powder, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, sugar and crushed tomatoes.  Bring this to a simmer and cook uncovered for 5-10 minutes.  Taste and adjust seasoning.  Add your (almost) cooked pasta to your pan and combine everything well.  Let this cook for a few more minutes until you have the desired “pasta” texture.  To serve top with shredded cheddar and enjoy!

OK the fun part…THE GIVEAWAY!!!!

Simply answer this easy and tasty question in the comment box. What would you make with these lovely tomatoes?

Contest Ends Sunday December 16 at Midnight.  Open to US residents only.

The winner will be picked at random on Sunday the 16th of  December 2012.

Of course if you feel like sharing, tweeting, Pinteresting and/or Facebooking my fun Giveaway well….well…I would love ya fo’eva…

Thanks, over and out!

Peace and Love Peeps,


Now CLOSED: September is Special: Giveaway #2

Update: and the winner is the lovely Katrin of Running with the Devil(ed) Eggs 🙂

I wasn’t lying when I said I wanted to do more than just one giveaway to celebrate my birthday MONTH!  That’s right, as I said it before, I am taking the whole month of September to celebrate me 😉  OK I am only half kidding.

For this giveaway, I want to give one lucky winner a subscription for 1 year to one of my absolute favorite magazines: Whole Living.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy every single inch of that great magazine.  AND it’s the brain child of the queen of all things: Martha Stewart!  Need I say more: LOVE IT!

Here’s a little look at this month’s issue:

Always a gorgeous photo on the cover

Delicious recipes: lots of healthy organic ideas

Personal Growth…always important 🙂

one of my fave: the last page. A photo sent by a reader with a small article about the photo….O.M.G. I melt every time!

Here is the magazine web site: WholeLiving

Here goes how to enter:

Answer the question: what is your favorite magazine?

For extra entries (and please comment for each so you get the entry):

Please follow my blog (so much fun happening here!) via email subscription (which I keep very secret!)

Like my page on Facebook: here

Follow me on Pinterest: here

Share this on your Facebook page; personal, blog, business…etc..

Giveaway Open to the resident of the amazing US of A and the land where I first made my appearance: Canada 🙂

Giveaway ends Sunday Sept 23 at midnight.  Winner will be announced Monday Morning.

Go for it and good luck!

Peace and Love,


Note: Whole Living and Martha Stewart are not sponsors of this giveaway, “they” don’t even know I exist or that my birthday is coming up…sadly….oh Martha, can you hear me? 🙂

September is Special: Giveaway

UPDATE: and the winner is: Mary Fanara Coleman! Congrats! Please contact me at:

September is special.  Yes.  WHY?  Because it’s my birthday month.  Yes, I am the very annoying person who LOVES her birthday.  I mean what’s not to like?  It’s my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!  Even still at 42 going on 43…I don’t lie about my age….I might not be completely “exact” about other facts (like my weight!) but my age is public record so I can’t mess with that!

Oh yeah…the giveaway.  Well it’s my birthday month (IT IS!) so I thought I should try (funds willing) to do as many giveaway as I could.  Starting with this little beauty:

Anchor 3 pieces: bake and take

Soon approaching is the season to bring casserole dishes to potlucks all around the country.  I decided this would be a great timely giveaway: a lovely baking dish with a lid AND carrier.

All you have to do is answer this question: what is your favorite casserole dish and/or casserole recipe?

For other entries:

Please follow my blog (so much fun happening here!) via email subscription (which I keep very secret!)

Like my page on Facebook: here

Follow me on Pinterest: here

Share this on your Facebook page; personal, blog, business…etc..

Note: simply give a comment for each “entry” you did 🙂

Good Luck everyone!

Giveaway open to residents of the lovely U.S. of A. and my birth place of Canada!  Sorry overseas friends…maybe soon!

Giveaway Ends Friday Sept. 14 midnight! 🙂 Winner will be announced Saturday.

Peace and Love Always,


P.S. Anchor is NOT a sponsor, I just happen to like their products!  thank you…over and out!

Road ID Giveaway

My Road ID bracelet ROCKS MY SOCKS!

WINNER: Lisa B! Congrats 🙂 Enjoy the Bourbon Chase ❤

YES….another Road ID Giveaway.  WHY?  Because I do love their products.  It is by far one of the smartest product I have ever bought!

I have talked about this a few times now, but believe me when I tell you that I still wear mine AND I just bought 2 more.  1 for Sunshine and one for Kristie’s daughter: Sassy (again not her real name…really!).  Both girls are going on a camping trip this summer without Kristie or myself.  Needless to say, I will need plenty of wine to deal with this.  I decided that both girls needed a Road ID bracelet with their info for the trip.  It is in my opinion not only great for runners but for so many other activities that might require emergency information. Like being away from your mommy and daddy on a trip across the United States!  (Lord help me!)

Here is me with my bracelet:

oh yeah and I am also stuffing my face! Thank you Bear for the picture!

Here is their web site:

So here’s the deal: the lovely people at Road ID have sent me a $35. ecard to Giveaway to one lucky winner! Yippie! Hurray!

All you have to do is post a comment on how you would use your Road ID Bracelet in the comment section.

For additional entries:

~Subscribe to my blog (it’s free and I keep your info secret…just as if you were in the witness protection program!) Top right hand corner of this page…don’t forget to confirm the subscription!

~Go like my page on Facebook…join the 2000+ lucky people that hear my silly stuff everyday! Isabelle at home

~Go like Road ID’s page on Facebook…I think they are a touch more mature than I…but not always 🙂 Road ID

Make sure you let me know you have done all these extra steps!

Contest ends on Sunday May 27 at MIDNIGHT!  Winner will be picked at random and announced on Monday!

Good Luck to ALL…and I mean ALL who live in the US or Canada 🙂  Easy like Sunday Morning 🙂

Peace Out,



WINNER: Beverly Brannan Mors

Life is funny.  Things happen for a reason if you ask me.  The other day I saw on Tasty Kitchen the cutest profile pic.  Well I had to go check out who this person was.  There was a website so I clicked on it.  And there it was: JBK Pottery.  I happen to have that exact product!  My mom (Captain I find all the cool stuff everywhere) gave me a cute little pottery item that would prevent my brown sugar from hardening.  It works.  I have been using this little gadget for years.

my Brown Sugar Saver in action!

So of course, I promptly (and nerdily) sent a message to tell them how great I think their products are….so you know what these cool people did?  They sent me one to giveaway to you wonderful people!  AND, with another product that prevents pots from boiling over!  That’s how amazing life is!  I love love love to give stuff away but what I love even more is when it’s stuff thatI use and love!

So here you are, time to enter and give it a whirl! (or give it a world as I like to say!)

One lucky reader will win BOTH these cool items!

To enter: (each thing you do below is worth one entry)

1- tell me what is your favorite recipe that includes brown sugar.

1-like my page on Facebook, here: Isabelle at home Facebook page

1-subscribe to my blog (here top right hand corner…don’t forget to confirm via email)

1-like JBK Pottery on Facebook, here: JBK Pottery Facebook Page

1-sign up for their newsletter, here: JBK Pottery Website

Good Luck to ALL

Contest open to the good people of the US of A and Canada (land of Isabelle!)

Sorry overseas friends…$ is always a factor…

Contest ends: Sunday night(May 13) winner will be announced on Monday Morning

another action shot of my brown sugar saver…swimming this time!

Peace and Love,


What we need is: a giveaway!

I was extremely frustrated, I didn’t workout on Saturday because….well…because Friday night we had Shawn and Chris over for an impromptu dinner and…well…I had too many vodka & tonics.  There I said it.  Saturday I was feeling awful, I had an early wake up call and a drive to Terre Haute for a soccer double header.  I was miserable ALL day.  I know why do I share so much…can you just imagine the stuff I actually filter!  WOW…

Sunday was my make up day.  7 mile run.  It was awesome.  As you might know when I run for more than a few miles, my brain goes into high gear.  I wanted to do my giveaway.  I thought too bad these 2 companies are not returning my calls, I am still doing it.  AND I will still giveaway the same products because I really love them and I believe in them!

The only catch is: I cannot afford to giveaway all 3 so the winner will have to pick one item.

The other itty bitty catch is: US and Canada residents only…Sorry 😦

Item #1: Road ID bracelet.

Here is the web site:

Here’s the bracelet:

Road ID

item #2: Morrocan Oil for Hair

Here is the web site:

Here’s mine:

I love this product and it's not just for long hair!

Item #3: Morrocan Oil Hairspray

(same web site as above)

Here’s mine:

I have no clue where the cap is because I have 2 daughters who use all my good stuff!

How to enter:

1. leave a comment with your name and the item you would like to receive

2. like my page on Facebook

3. subscribe to my blog

Each entry counts for one.

Giveaway ends Friday September 23 at midnight.

Winner will be announced on Saturday morning.

And now just to make you smile….

Here’s what happened when I came back from running on Sunday…my sweet daughter (not) took pictures of me stuffing my face with a piece of cake.  She should be out of the hospital soon….KIDDING!

back up girlfriend...

grrrrr....stop now

whatever....I know where you live!

Good Luck Everyone!

Peace and love,


My First Giveaway!

Note: Giveaway is now close.  The winner is: Erin S. Congratulations! Email me your info pls.


Well, I tried to write 2 new posts earlier…total failure.  I didn’t keep them in draft because they were so boring.  I was beyond frustrated.  I am having a good day….I just can’t seem to write anything worth sharing.  So what’s a over-active girl to do?  Go for a 2 mile run and THINK!

Here goes:

~It’s finally SUMMER!

~School’s out!  Girls are home and so am I!

~My mom and dad are visiting soon!

~I love love love my scoops (see where this is going?!)

I think that is enough reasons to have a giveaway!

I use my “scoops” all the time.  I know it may seem silly but they are amazing tools.  They come in a variety of sizes and are easy to clean! Cool, right?  So since it is my blog after all (genius!) I guess I get to choose what I want to giveaway…although I am always open to suggestions!  Remember…friendly suggestions! 🙂  By the way the picture above is of MY scoops, you are not getting those.  See below the lovely NEW scoops someone will get to enjoy!

Note: My medium scoop is my favorite, I use it all the time.  So when I went to buy the medium one for the giveaway. MY OH MY look what I found.  This big OXO scoop, I couldn’t pass it up. So here you have it – 2 scoops; one medium and one extra large (I don’t even have one like that!)

To enter:  Reply to this post,  you may wish to answer the question: What do you love about summer?

(I took that from Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond; the next queen of everything…Martha is still up there!)

For additional entries:

~Subscribe to my blog.  Reminder: I value your privacy more than you know.  Hence, I don’t show my subscribers on the side of my page!  I will NEVER share your info!  But I do love subscribers!  It is quite easy really and all you get is an easy breezy email telling you I have a new post!  Just comment on this post that you subscribe.

~Like me on Facebook, here is the link:  Isabelle at home  Also comment on this post that you like me on Facebook.

I don’t twit so no twitter…sorry.  I know how ancient!

SO here you are my wonderful readers.  THANK YOU for reading and sticking with me!  I would have never ever guessed this would be such an amazing ride!  I love every minute of it, and just when I think I might not have more to share well…surprise I keep going!

I will keep this giveaway open until:  Tuesday June 7th midnight.  I will announce the winner on Thursday.

*****Little bitty thing….due to the cost of everything!  I can only offer this to people of the lovely United States and my birth place Canada!  Hopefully $ will not always be an issue and I can eventually live large!

Note: I get nothing from OXO, I do like their products but that’s all…just good products that I like to use! 🙂

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