I am: a Food & Life Blogger, a Wine Lover, an exercise nut, a Homebody, Very Clumsy.

I love: Cookies, Lists (this is a pretty good one…!), Great Recipes, and COOKIES!   😉  ❤

I have: no Patience, Two Teenage Daughters, still no Patience, two lovely dogs, and a flock of chickens.

I think: I am the dorkiest and most awkward person in the world…or at least Captain of The Dorky and Awkward Club!

So you may wonder how does a french Canadian girl ends up in the middle of Indiana?  Car breaks down, fell in love !  OK, I must elaborate a bit here.  Living in Florida, I met my husband whom I have always referred to as Mr. Man ( he lives with 3 women and he is the real deal)  We moved to the Midwest 7 years ago when he joined the fire department.  And here we are!

My “road” has taken me from Quebec City to St-Georges de Beauce, then Montreal to Ottawa, then on to Ocoee Fl. & Clermont Fl. and then the grand finale (so far) in Indiana!  Very exotic?  Not so much, but it has helped me learn a few things along the way, I would love to share them with you.

As I said I am a HUGE homebody.  I love my home and I love being at home….redundant…possibly, but it is the truth!

Thank you for checking out my blog, I hope you enjoy it!  I love to cook and try new things.  Hopefully somewhere along the way we can learn a few good things from each other!  Please send me your requests for help or pretty much anything you have in mind.  I will do my best to help you and find the answers.

Peace & love,


Note: (I ❤ notes…) my sense of humor is an acquired taste…my sarcasm is lovely (ha! sarcasm!)

p.s. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me: isamvor@comcast.net


35 thoughts on “About

  1. Very enjoyable website, as I like to cook too, and I am ALWAYS looking for something new and not too strange to make for dinner. Will definitely visit again!

  2. Loved the blog! I felt like we were talking at school! I even thought I heard a little accent! hahaha! Keep up the good work! I’ll be checking in!

  3. Already addicted to your blog! I will definitely try some of your recipes. It brings back great memories of our friendship. You make me smile! Thank you!

  4. Love your blog. I will definatly try some of your recipes. They look really good and kid tested ! and it will help when I make my weekly menu. Kids are tired of the same old stuff!

  5. I need your help on my quest to becoming a healthier eater (or by most standards just a normal eater).

    I’m trying to eat more veggies (trying, key word). I snagged some asparagus off of Tim’s plate the other night at Olive Garden and it wasn’t bad. But, how do I make it at home? Any suggestions?

  6. Just a note. As I browsed your website and found recipe links when I clicked on them they didn’t open a new window. Instead they took you away from your website to the other one. I don’t know anything about it, but would suggest when the link is accessed it opens in a new window. That way your “visitor” stays with your page. “Good Luck” enjoying your recipes!

  7. Hi Isabelle, Just “re-friended” you on FB and now have come to see your Isabelle at Home blog, great stuff! will definitely try some of your recipes.. I LOVE recipes! hope all is well and nice to reconnect…
    my dinner tonight is chickpea curry with basmati & naan! will send it to you if you like !! take care
    Anna Krista

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  9. let’s try this again! “I have officially wasted HOURS on Pinterest.”

    me too. i would like to follow your boards there…who are you there? on pinterest i am Sandy Vaughan with oscar wild as my regular avatar!

  10. Hi Isabelle, I don’t know how I found you on facebook but just realized that we have a connection. I’m from Ocoee, too. Enjoying your posts and just signed up for emails.

  11. Hello Isabelle,
    I’m usually not one for joining things online but your recipe for the rolled eggplant looks so good and easy. I’ve purchased eggplants in the past only to throw them away when they get soft and lumpy. I just can’t seem to find a recipe with fairly simple instructions. Occasionally I get in the mood to be creative… …I will definitely use your recipe, so thank you! Oh by the way, I live in Indy,
    are you close?

  12. Great spot you have here!! I love your last post!!(of course) Being from Canada, would would appreciate that when my grandmother first moved to Quebec from Lyon, she was immediately appointed head chef at the Chateau Frontenac. That was impressive as being a woman in those times!!
    Take care,

  13. I was reading your recipe for Goulash. My mother’s family was from Austria, and she used to make the most delicious goulash and serve it over egg noodles! I have tried, but can’t seem to duplicate the flavor of my Mom’s dish. (boo hoo)

  14. Hi Isabelle… I have been so busy this last month or so and realized that I hadn’t seen anything posted of yours for a while… So headed over to check your page on facebook and it was gone and also your personal page. Just want to make sure that you are ok and let you know that I miss you and your comments ❤ Marlys

    • thank you for thinking of me Marlys. Yes I had to take a break. It’s been a difficult time but I look forward to coming back and sharing more recipes and fun stuff! more running and exercising (don’t you love that! Ha ha ha)

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