Yes…waiting that’s what our little Cooper has been doing, waiting for his big brother Riley.  I see him wondering where the big guy is.  It is heartbreaking to see him go out first thing in the morning and sit or lay on the patio waiting for his brother to finish his breakfast….but Riley isn’t eating his breakfast, he isn’t coming out, he isn’t home anymore and I don’t know how you tell a dog that his alpha brother is no longer part of his world.

Friendship is important, even in the doggie world!

Friendship is important, even in the doggie world!

This is harder than I thought it would ever be.

I’ll be back next week I promise.

I’ll be back with delicious recipes.

I’ll be back with a smile.

I’ll be back.

Riley won’t and we are all wondering and waiting…..

Peace and Love



11 thoughts on “Waiting….

  1. One thing I learned from my veterinarian father (his practice was in Boone County) was that dogs have souls, and mourn losses as strongly, or maybe more strongly, than we do. Time will most likely heal that. The other thing he taught me is, if you lose a dog, get another dog. Especially if you had two dogs. It will help the healing for both of you.

    • thanks Jim. We have talked about getting another dog but at this point we are not sure if that’s what we want. Our girls are getting older and we would like to travel with Cooper and it is quite difficult with two dogs. But it is in the back of our minds…

  2. So sorry, we’ve always had several dogs and they do grieve the loss of their buddy. When the time comes, take Cooper to the shelter with you so he can help pick out his new buddy. Again, you’re in my thoughts.

  3. Hugs. I totally understand. After my cat Buzzy passed, our other cat spent days looking for her and then yowling all night for her. I didn’t think I could take it. It does get better though. Thinking of you.

  4. Take Cooper for a visit now and then to Barkafellers Doggie Daycare! It will help keep him busy playing with other dogs and wear him out so he will come home and sleep. Everybody that I know that goes there loves it!

  5. You really are trying to break my heart…I am (again) sitting here crying after reading you email. They will wait forever. My partner, Edith, died on Thanksgiving day last year. Our little dog Sasha (rat terrier) waits for her every day. When I come home she goes out onto the step and looks at the car to see if she is coming, tail wagging and just waiting. They never forget, so we never forget either. I believe we will all be together again. That keeps me going. I really believe that if I had not had Sasha I wouldn’t have made it through the winter. Sasha is 9, she is a rescue dog from St. Croix. Our dogs (and cats) save us, as much as we save them. I believe we will all be reunited again. I’m sorry Riley died. I know it won’t be a quick recovery for you, it isn’t for any of us who love.

    • Oh Carole Ann, you must miss her so terribly. I am glad you had Sasha to help you through the winter. She will also remind you of all the good times and great memories you and Edith have. Thank you for your wonderful comment! 🙂

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