Lessons I Learned About Running

Running...love it or hate it I am making it this Fantastic Friday's topic ;)

Running…love it or hate it… I am making it this Fantastic Friday’s topic 😉

All this started after I read my friend HaeWon’s post  about the start of her experience while helping her friend John do an Ultra…as in Ultra Marathon = 100 miles….yep.  100 long crazy fool miles!  Luckily HaeWon is only running the last 20 miles with him….hmmmm hahaha last 20 miles…that’s more than a MINI!

But I don’t judge.  Some think I am crazy just to run 5-6 miles per day so whatever rocks  their socks.

I encourage you to read HaeWon’s post.  She is a doctor and she could have easily talked all fancy schmancy but she explained some medical stuff about Ultras that even I (the non-medical goofball) could understand.

One thing in particular got me thinking: the runner’s stride.  Don’t change it.  I got it!  It’s been an on-going battle for me.  First off “they” tell you not to be a heel striker…bad running….but it seems most people are.  Also I tend to drag my feet.  I think I do that because I am constantly looking at the ground for fear of falling, which means I wear out my shoes in the back outside heel.  Which means I need new shoes….a lot…or so it seems.  I got new shoes last week and I have been fighting with myself to change my stride so I don’t drag anymore.  I am hurting everywhere and I hate it.

While I ran this morning I decided to just run.  Forget how I hit the ground, heel or toes first.  Just RUN.

And I did!  7 wonderful miles.  Best run I had in weeks.  The bonus is; I thought of this post while I was running (lucky you!)

this watch is at times the best invention or my worst enemy!

this watch is at times the best invention or my worst enemy!

SO here’s goes my list of things/lessons I have learned about running.  Keep in mind this is MY unprofessional and somewhat funny list.  I am not a doctor or even a running specialist, I just like to run…like Forrest Gump.

I learned:

~ to wear my sunglasses even when cloudy.  Bugs are idiots and have no clue where they are going; eyes and mouth are usually a favorite target!

~ to accept that car drivers won’t let me go even if I have the right of way, often saluting me with a one finger wave when they cut me off.  So nice and friendly!  NOT!

~ not take a deep breath while I run past the golf course because it seems most golfers are smokers…and it’s a sport??? WTH?  (don’t send hate mail about my opinion on golfers…it’s MY opinion only and I am not a golfer)

~ same goes for construction zones = smokers.

~ that I don’t like races.  I actually have zero desire to run a marathon or another mini.  Been there, done that and it’s just not for me.  I am too neurotic and the crowds freak me out.  I do small 5ks here and there for fun and even that is torture in itself.

~ that I am not big on running with other people.  I get serious anxieties about it.  Am I too fast, too slow?  How far will they want to go?  What if I crash during the run?  What if I have a bathroom emergency?  What if they think I am not a good running partner? and on and on…. (yes I am crazy)

~ that some days my body will not cooperate and I can’t put one foot in front of the other.  I just can’t run.

~ that I need to know where I am going.  I actually visualize my run before I go.  I am NOT a freelance runner.  I am way too OCD to let loose and just run amuck!

~ that some days are too hot or too cold to run outside.  Let’s be honest, you know me, too cold is never been a huge problem since I HATE cold weather.  But I have had heat exhaustion pretty much every summer since I can remember because I LOVE hot weather and I am a stubborn fool.

~ that I am not running to be in the Olympics but simply running to be healthy and it makes me happy.

~ that about 99% of land care company workers are super nice guys that will stop mowing or hedging while you run by them so you don’t end up covered in grass clippings!  thanks guys!

~ that new shoes and new socks actually make me feel like running even more!

new socks and shoes...isn't that exciting!

new socks and shoes…isn’t that exciting!

~ that I don’t need to change my stride after all.  I just need to run (or walk) the way my body wants to do it.  We don’t always have to fight what mother nature intended!

As always, I encourage you to just move.  I know running is not for everyone.  But being active should be.  Just do something.

Peace and Love,


Here is more from HaeWon’s experience (it is mind blowing to me to run 100 miles….)

Day 1 and 2

Day 3

Day 4 and 5

Can’t wait to hear how they do! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Lessons I Learned About Running

  1. Thanks again for the laughs, I have always hated to run,, I mean run,, I have played soccer, baseball, rock climbed etc,, but hate to just run a mile let alone 5,, I wear my shoes just walking the way you describe, outside heel to inside ball. I have read the faster your feet tough the ground the faster you can run, Most long distance runners feet touch the ground much more than the casual runner ( learned this while ” Gasp” running with my older brother before he went to a HS reunion. Sympathy runner I guess… Good luck and keep the stories coming.

    • 🙂 thanks for reading! I really appreciate it. Also I might mention I am not the most graceful runner but I get the job done! ahhhhhh the famous High School Reunions…make everyone workout probably more than bikini season 😉

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