Don’t Run With Scissors!

HA……don’t run with scissors!  It shouldn’t be legal for me to operate scissors!

Last week I poked myself in the eye with scissors.

Yup….I can’t even make that stuff up!

Suffice to say I am a giant moron!

Long story Long (HA!) I decided it would be a swell idea to cut my own hair (I know….I know….problem #1) I was “carefully” trying to simply trim my hair.  Everything was going along fine (it’s all in how you see it I guess) and then I thought (other problem…I shouldn’t be allowed to think) I should put my head upside down (WHAT THE HECK!) and start trimming this way.  Trim a little here, trim a little there and wham bam thank you ma’am stab myself right into my left eye.  LUCKILY I didn’t do any permanent damage.  But it brought me to my knees and I almost vomited (sorry TMI).  The shock of the pain was so sudden and excruciating.  I got light-headed and wanted to scream for my life.

After a few tears….only from my right eye (hahaha), I was able to gather my thoughts and stand up.  Guess what I decided would be an awesome idea?

Keep on trimming my hair….

If you need me, I might at this point check myself into a mental ward.

On another note….remember my New Year’s Resolution to sew more: Reconnecting

yup I made that dress!!!!! So proud of myself!

yup I made that dress!!!!! So proud of myself!

Note: please be kind…I am not a model and this was painful!  This dress is made with 4 old tees!!!! Isn’t that cool?

Here’s where I found the idea (I didn’t follow her plans exactly but you’ll understand): Colorblock dress from old tees

Have a Fantastic Friday!

Peace out!



11 thoughts on “Don’t Run With Scissors!

  1. Hair looks good, dress is awesome. Such talent! I’m impressed you always find good in something bad (hurt eye). Hope your day gets better, I’m sure you will make the most and the best of it.

  2. Bless your heart! I do hope you are ok! Love the dress! Think I will make myself on with a tank top for the top and 1 t-shirt shorter. Maybe 2! No 1 1/2. Two would be too short. haha

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