Don’t Be So Serious!

On Monday, I subbed at one of our local schools.  After the second class I can honestly say that I thought I should have stayed in bed that day….my mood was less than stellar!

BUT….it all changed when I went to pick up my oldest Sunshine at her lacrosse practice.  I had my youngest Bear with me since we were all going to the local yogurt shop for a lacrosse fundraiser (nothing like eating frozen yogurt in February!)  I was parked next to a white pick up truck similar to my husband’s.  I told Bear to watch out for her sister because I was writing my grocery list.

Then Bear said (or yelled): “MOM, I think she’s trying to get into that truck!!!!”

So I looked and I see my kid sort of walk away from the truck then go back to the truck.

Then she comes back again towards us.

She gets in the car, laughing so hard we could barely understand her.

She says: “oh my goodness mom, did you see me try to get into that truck?”

Me: “ummmm yes, your sister was mortified.  What happened?  Why did you go back?”

She: “well, the thing is; I opened his door the first time and screamed: YOU’RE NOT MY DAD!!!!  And I quickly shut his door and walked away!”

Me: “and….”

She: “then I realized that I was somewhat rude to the man so I turned around, opened his door again and explained to him that; he is bald like my dad, has a similar truck, wears a sweatshirt my dad wears and that my dad also likes to put his sunglasses on his head!”

Me: “and…?”  (now I am laughing and so is Bear)

She: “well, the man was laughing pretty hard and said: it’s OK honey, don’t worry about it!”

She paused then says:  “you know Mom I didn’t want to be rude and not explain myself.”

AND that is why I love my kids so much: their hearts.  After that I thought it doesn’t matter I had such a rough day at work.  I get to come home to this.  Laughter can really be the best medicine!

Here's to Frozen Yogurt in the middle of winter!

Here’s to Frozen Yogurt in the middle of winter!

Peace and Love



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