Well….I broke my cardinal rule of never making New Year’s Resolutions.  I am quite anti-resolutions.  They never work in my opinion.  But since I love to be proven wrong (NOT) I will give this one a try.

I made a resolution to do more crafts.  In recent years (probably due to this lovely FOOD blog) I have neglected one of my favorite past times: doing crafts.

Item #1: a cute little apple pin cushion for my friend Laura (Laura of:  Mac and Cheese for Laura)

Apple Pin Cushion (with lemon and tropical print)

Apple Pin Cushion (with lemon and tropical print)

Laura just started sewing and since she requested me to sub for her today I decided this would make a lovely surprise for her.

Peace and I am rarely wrong….HAHAHA



8 thoughts on “Reconnecting

  1. So so adorable. Laura is lucky to have such a talented friend who loves to craft. 🙂 Please share all your craftiness and your yummy desserts with us and the world at Simply BeBetsy. – a new type of link party that goes day and night (we are wild things!) Best wishes for a grand 2014, ~ Sharon and denise

  2. I LOVE that I was referred to as “Laura of: Mac and Cheese for Laura” (which makes me want to make some of that in the near future!), and I LOVE my surprise gift – SO cute and so sweet of you to think of me!! My resolution is also to be more crafty this year, and it looks like I have all the tools to make that happen! : )

  3. Isabelle, it’s great to hear you’re nurturing another creative part of you. I think the whole world got caught up in blogging during the past couple of years (me included) and 2014 is the year to “reconnect” with things we set aside, or at least bring some balance back into our lives. The sounds absolutely “right” for you! 🙂

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