One year…and a delicious Breakfast Smoothie

Last year after the holidays, when all was calm and ritual again, my husband suggested we drink our breakfast.  NO NO not actual alcoholic drinks but juices/smoothies….drinks of that nature!

I have ALWAYS, for as long as I could remember, eaten bread (or some sort of) for breakfast.  I am french after all therefore toast with cheese or pate is part of my DNA.  That being said, I knew my fruit intake was minimal at best.  I love vegetables, I love eating well, I love working out…blah blah blah.  BUT I don’t really care to eat fruits.

So, in order to prove a point….which one I don’t remember.  I decided I could give up my usual breakfast fare for a delicious smoothie.  Believe me when I tell you that it wasn’t easy.  I love bread.  But I did it.  One year ago, I started making smoothies for breakfast.  I guess the old sayin’ that if you do something long or often enough it becomes a habit.  This time, it’s a good and healthy habit.  I love my smoothies!

My fave: Purple Smoothie

My fave: Purple Smoothie

SO for this first Fantastic Friday of 2014 I wanted to share with you my favorite smoothie.


1 banana

1/2 cup pineapple (frozen or fresh)

1/2  cup fresh spinach

1 cup frozen blueberries

1 cup almond or coconut milk (not sweetened)

1 tablespoon peanut butter (preferably organic)

about 1/2 cup water (you could use coconut water)

How to:

Put in your blender and press start! 🙂

pretty from start....

pretty from start….


to finish!

to finish!

Note: You could add some green powder, I always forget but Mr. Man loves it.  Also the amount of water is up to you.  You may prefer a thicker smoothie, your pineapple might be extra juicy….who knows.  It’s not brain surgery!

Wishing you all a Healthy 2014 and a fantastic Friday!

Peace and Love


Just in case….Printer friendly: Purple Smoothie


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