After the madness

I guess calling it madness is a bit harsh.  But every year everyone I know seems to be in over their head with preparation, shopping, organizing, planning etc…yet at the end of the day I keep thinking; all that matters is that we have warm food, a welcoming house and a smile on our faces.

So as always one of my favorite times is the quiet and happy feeling of a successful get-together, a clean kitchen and a happy family!

My new coffee mug from my lovely husband <3

My new coffee mug from my lovely husband ❤

With that in mind, I wanted to wish you: Merry Christmas!  No matter how late, it  can still be a Merry Christmas!

Peace and Love Always,



5 thoughts on “After the madness

  1. Since we moved up here to the U.P. we have no “madness”… Christmas is just the two of us and I don’t have to do anything more then any other day which I think it is nice… although it would have been nice to have the Christmas spirit this year.. it just didn’t come. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and wishing you all the best for the New Year.

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