I want to live there….

First let me apologize for my lack of recipes and overall contact this past week.  I have to admit: I am in over my head with the holiday season/parties/school/kids events….and on and on.

Between Holiday Parties that we are attending and parties I have nicely offered to make more complicated dishes that I should have, between the kids sports, tutoring, finals, student gov’t, work, etc….well I can’t see straight!

BUT….I have my Christmas Village.  Every year, I make my little village (or willage as I like to call it) Every now and then my peeps will find me in the dining room looking at it.  Yup, just standing there enjoying my little willage!  I try to make it different every year.  I love it.

The Willage :)

The Willage 🙂

see the handsome firefighter?

see the handsome firefighter?

the lovely Church...a little bit higher than the others!

the lovely Church…a little bit higher than the others!

grocery store (from Florida of course!) and even a "watering hole"...it is MY village afterall ;)

grocery store (from Florida of course!) and even a “watering hole”…it is MY village afterall 😉

one last overall look!

one last overall look!

Hope to be back on track with new recipes new week!

What is YOUR favorite Holiday decoration?

Wishing you all a Fantastic Friday!

Peace and Love,


3 thoughts on “I want to live there….

  1. Dear, dear Isabelle… I’ll bet you have no idea how very much I miss you! Truly! I love this post, I love, love, love your Christmas Willage, and i love you! And yes, I want to live there, too!
    Some of my favorite Christmas decorations are things I brought back from Germany 🙂 I also love a beautiful set of wooden angels and Santas that MUST be on the mantel, with candles, at Christmas. Best of all is a lovely ceramic nativity scene made decades ago by my Aunt Josephine, may she rest in peace.
    Merry Christmas to you, precious friend, and may God bless you and yours now and in the New Year! xoxoxo

  2. I collected Boyds Bears years ago when they were still a small privately owned company and I have a collection of Christmas bears… and moose and mice… that grace my mantel every year. I’m still a kid at heart and love my stuffed animals!

  3. This year my favorite is my tree. I made a lot of the decorations on it. It’s simple, but country eloquent. Check it out on my blog! (since I can’t post a picture here lol)

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