Comfort Zone

Well I did it.  Zip Lining.

It wasn’t on my bucket list….more of a “whatever list” if you ask me.  But in all honestly I was a nervous wreck.  Why?  Simple: I am accident prone….I am pretty athletic but OMG I am so uncoordinated it’s hilarious….not for me but for the people around me.  Still, practice what you preach, right?  So we took the girls zip lining and I survived.  I turned the wrong way each time the guide said: “please turn, left (or right)”, to attach some sort of harness but I SURVIVED!

Here I go!

Here I go!

Oh and I had loads of fun too!

So go ahead, get out there, have fun and get out of your flippin’ comfort zone 😉

Peace and Have a fantastic Friday,


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