Another Fantastic Friday to you 🙂

When I was a kid my maternal grand-father lived on the St-Lawrence River across from Quebec City.  He would take my brother and I for walks along the shore.  He was a notorious “finder” of all things.  I remember him finding: countless water skies, dentures (NO I AM NOT KIDDING!), lots of clothing, numerous oars, golf clubs, shoes, and plenty of $ (well plenty is a subjective word….certainly not enough to retire on!)

Today as I was running, and looking mostly down (clumsy….I have to!) I found this:

a wrench....odd find!

a wrench….odd find!

Not only did I have a huge flashback to my childhood but it made my heart sing to know my grandpa is still finding things with me.  So I picked up the wrench and brought it home (trust me there was no way I could find the owner).  Not only is this perfect for my tool loving husband but it’s a reminder that my grandpa was also a fixer of all things.

It’s the little things in life……

Peace and Love,



5 thoughts on “Found

  1. Love this story. Once I find things I cannot seem to let them go. Drives my husband crazy. Sometimes I am cleaning out a drawer and I’ll find a little green army man or a toy that I found abandoned in the park. I just keep them hidden from hubby 🙂 haha.

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