I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination….too fast, too impatient, too….Isabelle.  My mother, on the other hand, is a seamstress extraordinaire!  She did teach (or tried to) me a few things to get by.  As a kid I would “make” myself clothes (make is a gross over-exaggeration….HUGE!) once I would go to bed my mom would un-do/fix my work so I could wear what ever crazy creation I had just dreamed up!  She is wonderful that way.  Don’t get me wrong I knew she had fixed it, I was fine with that and I was happy she put her touch on everything I tried to sew!

Today, I am grateful that while my father-in-law is visiting I am able to hem his pants.  It started with one pair.  Then he quickly realized that while he is staying with us why not put my minimal talent to his good use!  Smart man!  He’s been going back to the store to add to his pants collection and have me do the fixin’.  We make a good team that way!

boring picture perhaps but I am grateful I know how to use it!

boring picture perhaps but I am grateful I know how to use it!

So here’s to another Fantastic Friday!

Peace, Love and Happiness,



5 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. I love to sew! I love to create new outfits, especially for little girls. Now cooking…I am grateful I can follow a recipe. Creating new dishes I can not do. We each are given our own talents!

  2. Je me souviens très bien des vêtements que ta mère m’a fait… peux appeller ça des vêtements de designer…..elle est une merveilleuse couturière….j’aimerais bien qu’elle habite encore près de chez moi…je serais une fidèle cliente…bye Isabelle, Marie-Claude

  3. Isabelle, I hope you had a fantastic Friday! I loved how your father-in-law went out and bought more pants for you to hem — too funny. (But it means you did a good job!) I’m grateful for your lovely perspectives on life. xo

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