8….ummm I mean 5 lovely chickens…an update of sorts!

chicken coop wear...it's all the rage!

chicken coop wear…it’s all the rage!

So we bought 8 little chicks back in April.  We now have 5 lovely laying hens.  Here’s the deal before you call Animal Protection on us.  We gave 3 of them away to two good homes…..3 lovely ROOSTERS!  Yep 3 sneaky boys made their way into our lives and we had to say goodbye to them.  No worries they will be perfectly happy where they are.  We just didn’t want our chicks to have babies….you know….because boys (yep even boy chickens) like to “play” frisky with the girl chickens!  Catch my drift?

all we want are eggs....UNFERTILIZED eggs!

all we want are eggs….UNFERTILIZED eggs!

Actually you would be amazed at how many people ask me why we don’t want roosters with our hens.  I try to explain that I cannot give birth control to my chickens and therefore if I have 3 roosters running loose with my 5 hens well we are going to increase our chicken population pretty soon!  AND the darn roosters are LOUD….very very loud!  (typical guys!)

Some of you may remember my 12 lovely hens I got 2 years ago.  I loved those girls, they were the sweetest and friendliest chicks in town!  Well 12 was a LOT of chicks….therefore a LOT of eggs.  So this time we decided that we should only get 8.  Because as you know the last time our thinking was: “let’s get 12 and surely mother nature will “take care” of some of them”.  Reality is that nature has a way of eliminating some birds.  Not in our case!  All 12 chicks lived, thrived and produced a lot of eggs for about 1 1/2 year which is pretty usual.  After 1 1/2 to 2 years they start to slow down quite a lot.  We decided we needed to find them a forever home where they could retire and relax a little.  Mr Man, always ready, put an ad on Craig’s list with our 8 chickens left, 2 had passed away of natural causes at about 1 1/2 year old and he had given two to a fellow firefighter.  A lovely lady by the name of Cathy called us and said she had a petting zoo and had a lot of retired chickens.  Bingo!  So her and her husband came by and picked up the girls, I cried, not really, Matt cleaned the chicken coop and here we are!

Fast forward to July 2013….we realized that from our recent chick purchase we had 3 roosters!  What to do?  First I called Cathy and she said she was willing to take two of them: Walter and JoshCha.  Then I texted my friend Jenny and asked if she knew of anyone who might want the last one.  She said her father-in-law would like to have him.  Turns out he (Mr. father-in-law) fell madly in love with our last rooster, it seems that he was quite the specimen for a Rhode Island Red.  I was just happy he was going to a good home and wasn’t going to show his manly side to my chicks!

Here's the big guy. Handsome isn't he?

Here’s the big guy Robert Downey Jr. Jr. (true name!) Handsome isn’t he?

Here we are with our 5 gorgeous girls.  Let me introduce you to them.

it's not easy to take pictures of 5 crazy hens running amok

it’s not easy to take pictures of 5 crazy hens running amok

lovely lady:

lovely lady: Simon

pretty sisters

pretty sisters: Franklin and Steve Jr.

our only white chick: Tiffany!

our only white chick: Tiffany!

and the final trouble maker who like to peck at my toes if I wear flip flops in the coop

and the final trouble maker: Sheila who likes to peck at my toes if I wear flip flops in the coop

I hope you enjoy meeting our new girls as much as I enjoy them on a day to day basis.  They are quite the lovely bunch and I love all 5 of them already!  Yes our chicks have odd names and mostly boy names but that’s how it flies around here….get it…fly like a bird…never mind.

Wishing you all a wonderful last month of summer…..ahhhhh summer my favorite!

Peace and love,



7 thoughts on “8….ummm I mean 5 lovely chickens…an update of sorts!

  1. Isabelle, you never cease to amaze me. And amuse me! Your new flock of ladies are lovely and their names are perfect. You’re also the only person I know who’s able to look stylish in “chicken coop boots.” What a treasure you are! xo

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