My work in Living Well Magazine

Self indulging post….I have an article in both Living Well Indianapolis Magazines; the South Side and the North Side edition.  I have to say that it took me a couple tries to get my article where I wanted it.  Then the lovely design team worked their magic and made it FANTASTIC.  OK maybe I am a bit biased, but honestly when you give an article to someone and try to explain what you have in mind it doesn’t always translate to print.  This time it did.  I love the colors, I love the layout and bottom line I am so excited to see it in the hands of 40,000 readers!  The magazines should be delivered into homes next week.

Here is the web site for the Magazine: Living Well Magazine

Please go check it out, it has lots of cool information and great articles…OH yeah…like mine!  🙂

Here is the cover for the North Side Indianapolis Magazine

yep the recipes...all me on the cover I might add!

yep the recipes…all me!!! On the cover I might add!

The South Side

still me with the recipes!

still me with the recipes!

And TADA!  My article!

Page 1

Page 1

and…..wait for it… 2!  Call me Captain Obvious!

delicious recipes!

delicious recipes!

I know I have been kind of slow with my recipes this summer but in my defense it has been quite busy around our house and the girls have a MUCH shorter summer vacation because of the new school calendar!  They are actually starting school on August 1st this year!  YIKES!

I do have some lovely recipes coming your way in the next few days and weeks.  Bare with me while I wrap my head around the fact that we now have TWO high schoolers!  I feel so old….proud, but old!

Have a wonderful day and as always THANK YOU for your continued support!

Peace and Love,


Note: if you click on the picture you will be able to make it bigger/larger!  🙂


10 thoughts on “My work in Living Well Magazine

  1. Isabelle, I’m so proud of you — congratulations on being featured! Thanks for the tasty recipe, too — we like stuffed peppers with “the kitchen sink” thrown in. Your homemade taco seasoning is the BEST!

  2. Wonderful work! I’m SO excited for you. The article looks fabulous. I’m so proud of you too. It HAS been a really short summer. Hard to believe the kids are going back tomorrow.

  3. Isabelle!! This is soooooooooooo exciting, and I’m not surprised you’re in there!! You have a joire de vive that captures hearts…next time, YOU, my dear, will be the cover!! xoxo

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