Spring Happenings

Well first off Spring is a word I can only use loosely.  We all know Mother Nature is completely miffed at something and she is taking it out on us.  Come to think of it she is probably mad a us for the way we treat our planet….a  philosophical conversation I wish to leave alone for the moment.

Having 5 acres is not quite enough to act like we are running a wheat farm, yet it is big enough that we have a few more things to handle than some folks living in sub-divisions might have.  On the contrary, having chickens is definitely not even close to having a herd of cattle or mustangs running wild through our pastures, but it’s work none the less.  We do have to get a few (I think a bunch but I will say a few) things ready once Winter seems to be leaving us.

Here’s a few things that are happening around here.

First off, our 4-wheeler is back to what I prefer it to be…not a snow plow but a fun toy we can drive at our leisure.

Winter 4-wheeler....YUCK!

Winter 4-wheeler….YUCK!

ready for fun!

ready for fun!

and then there is this trouble maker! I had a fun Sunday :)

and then there is this trouble maker! I had a fun Sunday 🙂

8 new baby chicks have come to live with us!  DO NOT PANIC….we didn’t eat nor kill our old chicks.  As I have mentioned before, not sure if I mentioned here, but definitely on Facebook, our old hens have retired to a “Chicks Retirement Farm”.  I can’t even make that up!  This lady keeps old laying hens of all kinds and lets them have a beautiful space to enjoy their last few years!

Here are the new little girls:

8 lovely chickies

8 lovely chickies

By the way we have named all 8, everyone got to choose 2 names (I gave one of mine to my cousin Andrea)




Steve Jr.


Jascha (pronouced Josh sha) Andrea’s pick

Tiffany (our only blond chick….that’s Sunshine’s girl…please don’t take offense to the “dumb blond” reference…she is a smart chick!)


so cute!

so cute!

little Sheila

little Sheila

Sunshine is the only one who picked girl names for her chicks.  Also naming our pets completely insures that we would NEVER eat them.  Seriously?!  Who would want to sit at the dinner table (besides my husband) and say :”oh wow, this bird Simon sure is delicious”  CREEPY!

Our garden….although I was made fun of when I said it’s a decent size (some people always have to one up others….geez…) I still think it’s pretty awesome.  Matt built the boxes and had garden soil delivered.  This is our first year boxing it in (2 – 4 x 24 raised beds), along with using our tubs.  I usually am more of a free spirit gardener (which gives me an excuse when things go wrong) but we all know that’s not how my husband likes to conquer projects!

might look like nothing it's a pretty decent pile of dirt!

might look like nothing it’s a pretty decent pile of dirt!

So in good Isabelle fashion, meaning: I have more energy and craziness running through my veins than the average monkey.  On Saturday morning after working out (and a crazy Friday workout as well) I thought it would be nice of me to shovel all the dirt in the boxes.  Matt worked overtime on Friday night, all day Saturday and he had a bunch of chores for Sunday.  I thought it was only fair I did my part.  Took me about 1 1/2 hour but I got it done.  It is a miracle I am able to type this post.  My arms are shot!  I barely slept last night because my back was cramping up…surprisingly enough I am actually in a decent mood…must be the lovely Spring air!



Finally things are blooming:

my purple lilac tree. (I have about 6 different lilac trees! I love them!)

my purple lilac tree. I have about 6 different lilac trees! I love them!

Lovely nectarine tree

Lovely nectarine tree

Flowering pear tree (no fruits)

Flowering pear tree (no fruits)

my chives coming back to life!

my chives coming back to life!

I wish you all a wonderful Springtime.  Tell me what is your favorite part of Spring.  Mine is: Hope…Hope of warm weather!

Peace and Love,



4 thoughts on “Spring Happenings

  1. We live on 7.5 acres and it is work. Most of ours is open space and a lawn mower, even a riding one, doesn’t cut it. My Man does like to bush hog,though. I’m trying to talk him into a garden this year, buy with as dry as it has been the past couple of years, he is a little nervous. I may just do some containers on the deck and front porch. What a conversation starter for guest! “So, I see you are growing some green beans.” haha

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