Juicing, Smoothies and a Giveaway

Giveaway NOW CLOSED.

Giveaway time!  You know I love a good giveaway but here is what I love about this one: it’s for your health!  That’s even better in my book!

Green Pak by Trace Minerals Research

Greens Pak by Trace Minerals Research

I am giving away a box of Greens Pak….CHOCOLATE flavor to boot!  Well in all honesty I am not giving it away….Audra from our local Country Nutrition Store  is really giving it away to one of my lucky readers!  Yes, she is that nice!  I cannot tell you how wonderful it is for us to go to our local  Country Nutrition Store and be able to ask questions about what to put in our juices or smoothies.  Mr Man found us a great green powder, maca root powder and some local bee pollen.  We would have never been able to learn so much if we didn’t ask and ask again.  Audra mentioned that our daughters would most likely love the taste of chocolate (ummmm….I LOVE the taste of chocolate!), she was correct.  This stuff tastes delicious and it’s filled with super power green supplement!  Certified Vegan.  Organic Raw Food.  Antioxidants.  Enzymes.  Probiotics.  Super Fruits.  Green Foods….etc…

Juicing and making smoothies is a HUGE fad right now.  I don’t care.  It’s a fad that’s healthy for you….we could all use a little more fruits and veggies in our diet!  The best way to boost any smoothies or juices: add some green powder.  It doesn’t taste bad, trust me!  Yes, it might make your drink look like an alien invasion but if that’s a problem then simply drink it out of a dark cup…you won’t have to look at it…problem solved….you are welcome 😉

WARNING*****HOT WATER ZONE******(meaning I might get in some with the following paragraph!)

Some people will have you believe that you need a juicer/juice extractor.  I disagree.  Not everyone can afford a $100+ juicer.  They are nice and do a great job but in reality if you have a blender you can make wonderful smoothies/juices in minutes.  You may have to sacrifice a bit in terms of texture but that can easily be fixed with adding some liquid and or yogurt for a creamy factor.  We are making delicious smoothies in our old blender, which you can find for about $20-$40. here .

Here is an example of a delicious fruit smoothie:

mmmm delicious smoothie...not very photogenic!

mmmm delicious smoothie…not very photogenic!


1 banana

3 whole strawberries (stem have lots of super powers!)

hand full of blueberries

1 kiwi (no peel…yuck…fuzzy!)

2 big tablespoons Chobani plain greek yogurt (0% non-fat or 2% low-fat)

1/2 to 3/4 cup coconut water or milk or soy milk or water or….you get the idea

1/2 cup crushed ice

1 packet Chocolate Green Pak

How to:

Put in your blender and hit blend.  Pour into a lovely (or not) glass.  Drink and feel the power!

this is not super nuclear science...go with what you like!

this is not super nuclear science…go with what you like!

kind of brownish...if using regular green powder it is SUPER green color...I kind of like that!

kind of brownish…if using regular green powder it is SUPER green color…I kind of like that!

Note: you may need to adjust the liquid depending on how thick you like your smoothies.

Win a box of delicious Chocolate Greens Pak! (Support nutrition, digestion, circulatory health and the body’s natural defenses!)

There is 30 lovely little packets per box!

There are 30 lovely little packets per box!

How to enter:

Leave a comment below 🙂

Extra entries:

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Share this email with friends, family, frienemies, fauxfriends….etc….

PLEASE put a comment for each “action” I know… I know…. such work!  😉  Contest ends on Monday Feb. 25 2013 (midnight).  Winner will be announced on Tuesday Feb. 26 2013

Giveaway open to residents of the lovely United States of Americool and my birth land Coolnada (aka USA & Canada)

Peace out friends,


Note:  yes, we have a lovely local health food store and they are awesome.  Sadly….unless you live in the Greenwood vicinity or near their Decatur, IL location, I strongly suggest you find a local health food store and start asking questions about your health.  It matters.


23 thoughts on “Juicing, Smoothies and a Giveaway

  1. Whole Foods lafayette rd is my usual stomping grounds. Maybe even Trader Joes on 86th.(i think) great to have another alternative store to try. Thanx for the heads up!!! will def look for Greens Pak. Peace out

  2. I need all the Super Foods I can get right now! Oh, and your blog is now on my blog’s blog list. (Can you use the word “blog” any more times in one sentence?)

  3. Liked, shared, followed, tweeted and all that jazz. Several years ago I juiced everyday, with one of those expensive machines, still have it. LOVED juicing. My health has been failing and I was just saying the other day that I needed to get back into the groove. this would b e so lovely and help jump start my new healthy living.

  4. Just started drinking smoothies again and this would be an awesome! prize to win!
    Liked your Facebook page and Country Nutrition page

  5. I have never done much juicing – sounds like something I would be interested in. I have a blender. My sister did some juicing and swears by it.

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