What I didn’t talk about in 2012!

2012!?  “2012 was so 2 weeks ago”…I say in my best Valley Girl voice 😉

I have been keeping things from you guys….things that I love….things that made my 2012 a pretty good year!  I feel I owe you one since you’ve been reading faithfully and keeping me on my toes!  I appreciate you for that!  Here goes 5 “things” that have been my “best ofs” this past year.

1. Best Cast Iron Pan.  Granted I couldn’t really talk about this little beauty much since it was a Christmas gift from my father in law.  I must tell you: it’s fabulous!  I love the red color and I have been using it for all sorts of delicious treats: lasagna, roasting chicken, roasting vegetables, even making pressed sandwiches (or as the common folks call them: Paninis!)  My father in law bought it at Gander Mountain but it’s actually a Lodge Cast Iron Pan.

beautiful red cast iron baking pan....filled with yummy lasagna

beautiful red cast iron baking pan….filled with yummy lasagna

or sadly empty!

or sadly empty!

Note: I am NOT getting paid for this.  I don’t know anyone at The Lodge Cast Iron Factory.  I just dig my gift!

2. Best Music.  OK bear with me here.  I really don’t like to recommend music AT ALL.  I think music is an extremely personal choice.  I like all kinds of music: everything from country to pop via jazz and even some hard-core rock.  I work out a lot, (so I’ve said…a lot!) which means I listen to my Ipod constantly at the gym (for fear of human interaction). My latest musical crush is Ellie Goulding.  Her new album Halcyon is superb!  Here is a little taste.

3. Best Fashion Blogs.  I know…not food or exercising blogs!??  Yes, I am a bit of a clothes fanatic.  What can I say, a girl cannot live on pasta, wine and working out alone.

~ Happily Grey: I absolutely adore Mary’s style.  Great clothes: classic with a twist, elegant but not stuffy, simple yet fun, a touch of “hippieness”….trust me I could go on!

~ The Londoner: I have talked about Rosie before (she brought me to the Jezebel/Slutty Brownies ) I love her fun and sexy looks.  Yes, she is a much cooler cat (and worldly) than I  but I still like to drool and borrow some stylish ideas from her blog!

Jezebel Brownies    OMG...a bit out of focus...but everything is this time of year!

Jezebel Brownies
In case you needed a reminder 😉

4. Best Cooking Magazines. I get a lot of cooking magazines, two of which are: Saveur and Food & Wine, my favorites.  This past year, I found myself going back to 2 issues in particular from Saveur.  Both were exquisite.  I usually will tear away the recipes I like/want and recycle (meaning leave it at the gym for another person to enjoy).  But with both these issues, I have been unable to tear one single page because I love everything!  The pictures are fantastic, the recipes amazing and it seems I will need to apply myself to try them all!  If you can get your hands on either one, go for it!  I did make the Tomato Sauce with Butter from the 100 Classic Recipes and to this day it is my little Bear’s favorite sauce!

Issue No. 150 Saveur: 100 Classic Recipes

Issue No. 150 Saveur: 100 Classic Recipes

You will find recipes such as: Mulligatawny: the British take on an Indian classic, Senate Bean Soup: mandatory soup of the Senate’s Restaurant, Classic Rosti, Saag Paneer: North Indian spinach delight, Rissoto alla Milanese: AMAZING!  and so much much much more!

Issue No. 153 Saveur 100 Travel Edition: 46 recipes from around the world with favorite places, restaurants, cookbooks...etc...

Issue No. 153 Saveur 100 Travel Edition: 46 recipes from around the world with favorite places, restaurants, cookbooks…etc…

Here’s a taste of what you will find: Hangtown Fry from Placerville California: a “gold rush” land mark, Vancouver Dim Sum: 3 locations that will knock your socks off, Ohio Nachos: with the recipe of course, and the place where I want to spend the rest of my life:  Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria in Mid-Town Manhattan…oh my sweet heaven… I ❤ Italia!

5. Best Husband of 2012. That would be my sweet husband:  Mr Man/Matt 🙂  Stay with me here…don’t roll your eyes…I am getting somewhere with this.  Not only has he continuously edited and re-edited my posts (for your enjoyment) but he has stepped up to the plate and given me a brand new kitchen.  When I decided a day before Christmas that I needed a new gift made…yes made, he was Johnnie on the spot and made it for me (see pic below).  Most of all he really came through this Christmas when he contacted Mary from Happily Grey’s Blog and asked where he could find her cool clothes for my Christmas gift (he is not known for his gift giving abilities).  Think about this for a second.  He reached out to another blogger and asked where she gets her clothes so he can buy me something special!  AND HE DID!  (see pic below)  Finally he puts up with my madness, my craziness, he helped me through this past holiday season and he’s never afraid to call me out on my b.s.  🙂

gorgeous Indiana cutting board! Made by Mr Man :)

gorgeous Indiana cutting board! Made by Mr Man 🙂

my cool Christmas gift from the big guy (and I don't mean Santa!)

my cool Christmas gift (top)  from the big guy (and I don’t mean Santa!)

Note: I was also able to make a pretty pie in 2012 (see pic to prove it) too bad it was more like a soup than an actual pie…oh well…2013 looks promising!

Coconut Cream Pie...or soup...!

Coconut Cream Soup…!

Peace and Love


p.s. for fun (mine that is) all the pics except the Jezebel brownies were taken with my phone using Instagram (my ever so slightly new obsession!)


12 thoughts on “What I didn’t talk about in 2012!

  1. been listening to ellie goulding for awhile now. glad you found her. My suggestion to you, try listening to Laura Viers. she’s awesome

  2. Ditto on Jayne’s comment… brownie points — Jezebel Brownie Points! — for Matt’s TLC. Your 2012 list was a wonderful summary of all the things that make you “incredibly Isabelle!” Love ya, kiddo!

  3. Ok, Isabelle…this blog post is BAD for me…why? B/c of the cool clothes I can now buy! You’re just a ‘pusher’ of beauty!! Love it! Great info in here…love it, and ditto on the brownies and hubbster! xo

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