Weekend Getaway: Boone, N.C.

Our lovely and favorite (….and only 😉 ) neighbors invited us to go down to N.C. with them.  Their son Hayden goes to Appalachian State College.  I love North Carolina…and South Carolina…and Georgia…and Florida…OK anything below the Mason-Dixie line is something I am highly partial to.  We left on Friday morning when Mr. Man came back from the firehouse and we headed South…my heart was going pitter patter…my love for the South is endless.

heading south….yay! Louisville KY…pretty city!

As I mentioned in my previous post (here) I made plenty of food, partially because I want people to like me and food seems to work well for that.  Also because, as you know, I have this crazy fear we won’t have enough to eat.  WELL….enters Laurie…Laurie is Ian’s gorgeous wife.  Ian is Brian’s brother.  Brian is our neighbor…the connection!  They live in North Carolina and their daughter Sam also went to college at App State (that’s what the cool people call it!).  So LAURIE…LAURIE…LAURIE…she made me look like I didn’t cook.  She had so much food, I was in awe.  My chili was for the tailgating party.  But Laurie made a lasagna, for Saturday’s Dinner, that was simply amazing, a fabulous dessert (Matt made sure I got the recipe!) dips, chips, snacks and on and on…She’s my new BFF (which will be news to her if she sees this!)

Matt and I arrived in Boone around 6ish.  We decided to treat ourselves to a dinner date.  Meaning just the two of us, aaaaahhhh so romantic isn’t it!?  Well, truth is the others had already eaten dinner, I saw this cute restaurant and my husband can’t say no to me (that’s what I keep telling him!).  I had a Brie BLT.  So delicious, the perfect combination of gooey cheese with green apple, crisp bacon and fresh tomatoes.  I was in heaven.  My chilled glass of chardonnay might have had something to do with it!   Matt had a philly cheese sandwich topped with roasted red peppers!  His verdict: delicious!

OK enough talking…let me show you some pics!

Brie BLT, this picture doesn’t do this amazing sandwich justice!

just in case you were wondering what a glass of wine might look like! 😉

the lovely view from our back balcony

the house…and Hayden’s cool jeep…the orange one in case you missed it!

the back of the house!

my friends, the wild turkeys during my morning walk…I can’t seem to get away from poultry!

just cool trees!

the adults ready for the game!

App State Campus…well part of it

the gang tailgating…ready for the game!

first sight when I entered the stadium…pretty darn fun!

ready for some FOOTBALL! The energy was AMAZING!

Game on!

Kristie insisted on taking our picture…take a look at the funny peeps behind us! ha ha ha…I love it!

Well that pretty much covers our lovely and fun weekend.  We left on Sunday morning and peacefully made our way back to good Ol’ Indiana.  We are very fortunate to have such nice and generous neighbors!  It was my first “true” American College Football Game and it was so much fun.

oh and one last thing:

Captain of the Dork Club! New cool sweatshirt…it IS cool!

Peace and Love,


Note: I will be sharing Laurie’s amazing cake/dessert/bar/treat very soon!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway: Boone, N.C.

  1. This is SO funny for many reasons! We LOVE Boone! I wish I had put together that you were going because friend of mine owns a restaurant there and I would have told you about it, but it sounds like you ate well there! Matt’s cousins daughters go there and were at the game! AND last but not least Matt and the boys will be in Boone at the end of the months while I am in Virginia 🙂 I bet you had a great time as Boone is in my top 10 places I want to live…instead of cold Indiana 🙂

  2. Isabelle, your trip sounded (and looked) fantastic — great pictures and stories behind them. Funny how you attract poultry though… maybe it’s because you’re a cool chick! 🙂

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