Spicy Green Grilling Marinade

Spicy Green Grilling Marinade: Pork Chops

I love summer more than the average bear.  I have known this for a long time.  Which is why you should know that I love my husband more than summer (don’t gasp…I mean I really really really love summer!) to prove my point: we left gorgeous, HOT and perfect Florida and moved to Indiana (also pretty perfect if you ask me!) so that my husband could join the cool Indianapolis Fire Dept. Brotherhood.  There!  That’s proof enough if you ask me.  No worries I also do other special lovely things for my husband so he knows how much I love him….get your minds out of the gutter….ever so slightly 😉

Today in order to once more prove my love to my sweet man I decided to make this delicious spicy marinade for our pork chops. He loves the spicy stuff! (I said…minds out of the gutter!)  This is a nice way to provide an alternative flavor to traditional pork marinades.

Feel free to try this on any meat you like.  It is pretty darn versatile if you ask me!


Zest 1 lime

Juice 1 lime

3 Jalapenos (or 2 jalapenos + 1 serrano) roughly chopped

4 green onions, roughly chopped

1 tablespoon agave syrup (preferably organic)

2 garlic cloves crushed

2 tablespoons orange juice

½ cup cilantro roughly chopped

1/3 cup olive oil

1 teaspoon salt

4-5 pork chops (I like the thick center cut for this dish) or 4-5 boneless skinless chicken breasts or pork tenderloins or whatever your heart desires!

How to:

In your blender put all your ingredients (except the meat….OBVIOUSLY!) blend well.

gorgeous isn’t it?

Using a large bowl or glass pan (what ever will fit in your fridge) put your meat in and cover with the marinade.  Please use the best tools you have : your HANDS and massage it all together.  Put in your fridge for a minimum of 1 hour (2-3 works well).

When ready, grill your meat on a medium-low heat until ready.

juicy pork chop with lovely spicy flavors

Serve with what ever your peeps enjoy in the summer heat.  Our place: corn on the cob (we do live in Indiana!) and whole wheat couscous!

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Peace and Love,


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10 thoughts on “Spicy Green Grilling Marinade

  1. Wow, I used a very similar marinade on my chicken tacos today. I used 3 Serranos, 1 Jalapeno and 1 Yellow Chile from Bolivia. It was fiery! Great recipe, who needs store bought marinade when the ingredients are usually in your pantry or garden anyway.

  2. Oh YUM! Another one for my “Isabelle’s recipes to make file” (I might as well just print off your whole blog while I’m at it, ha!) After this meal, I’m sure your hubby loves you just as much as you love him, too. 🙂

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