Canada 2012, Part Deux

And then there was food….

First off, I was being a good girl, a well rounded individual, a true to self person, workouts, water…blah blah blah…

Wednesday night we decided to try a new local Mexican joint: 3 Amigos, it was all downhill from there.

This is what I had:

*by the way I apologize for the quality of the pictures but I have been banned to bring my “real” camera to restaurants!  It would seem I am embarrassing!  I had to use my cell phone!

Acapulco Pollo: Chicken with Mango and Jalapeno Sauce

I wholeheartedly want to duplicate this lovely sauce…it was deliciously simple!

Then on Thursday morning prior to my morning run I had a sensible breakfast. (LIE)

I met my friends Sophie and Anna Krista for lunch at a wonderful West Island joint called: Towne Hall.  Very West Island English…which I totally LOVE!  I didn’t get a picture, it was enough that they were part of the cool kids at my school I really didn’t need to push the complete food nerd factor.  I was invited, I showered (!), I acted like a social person (I didn’t say normal) and I had a wonderful lunch of grilled monkfish over delicious vegetables.  I was even invited to meet them again soon…score!

Mid-Afternoon while shopping I decided to treat myself to a little gelato…you know what they say: when in Rome….well never mind that…

Pistachio and Peanut Butter Chocolate Gelato

After which I drove to Old Montreal to meet my friend Sophie (different Sophie) for cocktails and supper.  We went to an old Montreal classic: Le Jardin Nelson.  The atmosphere is lovely and they are notorious for stuffing crepes with pretty much anything they can think of!  I had the crepe stuffed with rabbit (Rable de Lapin) and Sophie had the duck crepe (Aiguillettes de Canard Confites).

Not wanting to sound too foodie here but the truth is: it sounds fancier and better than it actually was.  Bottom line, it was an easy place to meet, the terrasse is great and we just wanted to have a drink and talk.  In case you are curious please go check out their website (here) the photos are great and you will see why we decided to meet there.

I was able to take a picture of the outside the following night. Rest. is the bottom right blue awning.

The following night was the big one.  We went to Cirque du Soleil which was AMAZING!  Then we had supper at Le Steak Frites St-Paul, also amazing!

Le Steak Frites St-Paul is an Old Montreal establishment, as pretty on the outside as it is on the inside.  No menus, everything is written on huge chalkboard on the walls.  Tables are large and the decor is rustic, gorgeous squeaky hardwood floors.  BEST OF ALL: Bring your own wine…I can’t even begin to tell you how happy this makes me….HAPPY!

Le Steak Frites St-Paul

honestly…that is the best pic I could come up with…sorry 🙂

The menu is extremely simple and well thought: I had the petite filet (7-ounces) which always comes with green beans and a sauce of your choosing.  I went with the Dijonnaise because that’s what my parents said to have.  Sunshine and Bear had the mushroom sauce (jealous), all with an unlimited amount of French Fries….real french fries…reallllllly good french fries….and this coming from a girl who doesn’t like french fries!

Le Steak Frites 7-ounce (that’s the actual name of the dish)

The 9-ounce is called: Saint Paul, which is what my dad had, just to be different than us 4 girls!

Here is their website: Le Steak Frites

I think I have taken enough of your time with my food obsession/gorging!

Peace and Food,


Note: My deepest wish when going on this trip was to eat at Chuck Hughes’ restaurant: Le Garde Manger…needless to say I reserve the right of a full and final post on this subject!


3 thoughts on “Canada 2012, Part Deux

  1. Isabelle, please keep writing to your foodie heart’s content! Your links to the restaurants were wonderful (I even left the menus in French — food always sounds so elegant that way and I was surprised how many words were familiar — why translate?) The photos (theirs AND yours) left me drooling… And bring your own wine?! Get outta here! Ha! (And take me along next time!) 🙂

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