Canada 2012, Part One

Well…you knew it was bound to happen.  I wasn’t going to travel to my birthland and not write about it.  I have to share with you some of the special events (yes…mainly food related!)  And YES…there is 3 parts to my madness…I hope you enjoy every word of my little 11-day trip to my Canada 🙂

First let me tell you that I am not a world traveler but I am a seasoned packer.  I like to pride myself in my limited yet “stylish” selection that can take me from day to night in any town across this beautiful world….this trip was the exception.  OH MY WORD!

For example:

15 pairs of shoes, none matching any particular outfit.  I ended up wearing my black flip flops, beige wedges and running shoes (only for exercising) the whole trip.

1 sports bra…I work out everyday!  Brilliant!

3 face creams, no face wash…trip to the pharmacy!

you get the idea…I packed with a head full of thoughts and worries about my travel…not a good way!

our trip’s mascot…I don’t know why but this picture makes me happy ❤

Once we got on the road things seemed to calm down a bit.  The girls were wonderful co-pilots and are extremely easy car riders.  We arrived in Montreal late Wednesday only to turn around on Thursday and drive to Quebec City…more driving!  We did however have a nice hair appointment before leaving Montreal courtesy of my mom.

Quebec City: interestingly enough (insert sarcastic tone) we got caught in a MAJOR traffic jam.  Needless to say when you have lived in Montreal you have seen serious traffic…not usually in Quebec City…until we visit!  My dad almost had a conniption!  The girls and I kept a low profile in the back seat while my mom was (sadly) feeding the fury!  In the end we all had a good laugh (sort of).

Quebec City (photo taken in Levis across St-Lawrence River)

Thursday night we had a lovely dinner in Old Quebec City at Cafe de Paris (website).  It was exactly what I was hoping for to welcome us into the city.  I didn’t take pictures simply because it seems (so I was told) I was very annoying with my food picture taking.  WHATEVER!

I shared a “Chateaubriand” with my parents.  It was delicious!

The girls did take a picture of my mom and I at dinner:

my mom (Christiane) and I 🙂

Breakfast on Friday was at Delice (formerly known as Pizza Delice) the restaurant looked like a club!  Very hip and modern…if you are into that kind of stuff…yes please read that I am not!  I like more rustic and homey…really 😉  BUT the food was absolutely amazing!

Here’s the girls breakfast (they had the same thing)

Strawberry-Banana Crepes with Chocolate and Creme Anglaise Sauces


Toasted French Baguette with Pate Campagnard and Pickled Onions

My dad had boring eggs and bacon…boooorinnnnng 🙂

I will leave you with a few more pictures of the beautiful Quebec City.

the view from out bedroom window, lovely!

lovely architecture, I love old buildings!

Although this was the “beginning” and sad part of our trip, it truly hearth warming to be in the city where I was born.

Peace and Love Always,



19 thoughts on “Canada 2012, Part One

  1. Love the pictures…beautiful!…but we miss you here in Indiana. 🙂 BTW, made your “cup of pizza” recipe, and the whole family devoured it! Your shoe packing sounds like my vacation. Took about 10 pairs of shoes and wore 2 pairs….same with earrings.

  2. Dear, dear Isabelle, I’m so delighted to see you posting again! You’ve been very much on my mind, and Ive missed you! Now I realize more than ever how wonderful it would be to visit Quebec City! Thanks for the excellent photography xoxoxo

  3. Hi Isabelle, Great to see a new post…. And love your pictures of Quebec City… I have never been to Quebec and it one place that I would love to go and now that I have a French speaking husband it may even be easier to go there. One of these days we will make a trip there. Loved your comment about taking pictures of food… My husband is already tired of me doing it and I haven’t been doing it that long… So now I take them on the sly… Marlys

  4. Ta mere et toi….vous n avez pas change du tout!!!
    Next time…call…ca m aurais fait plaisir. D’Aller te voir…je comprends par contre que c etait peut etre pas le meilleur moment.
    Au plaisir et salutation a ta mere qui m a fait tant de beaux vetements, amicalement,
    Marie xox

  5. Love Quebec. Both my folks are from there so we used to visit often growing up. I haven’t been back in ages. Traffic is crazy there. Looks like you had fun. It’s such a pretty place to see.

  6. I keep telling my hubby I really want to take a fun trip to Canada. I want to go during all the hockey fun around January:-) Your pics are just beautiful! It looks like you all had a beautiful trip:-) Take care,Terra

  7. Isabelle, your mascot made me smile, too! 🙂 Sounds like the trip “home” was good for your soul — thanks for sharing your beautiful city (and food). It’s hard to pack with a heavy heart… you did just fine! (Better to bring too much than not enough!)

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