Raising Chickens: April Update

I had to take this pic from the distance, because as soon as they see me they run to me.

Well, our chicks are a year old!  I cannot believe we’ve (mostly I) been chicken herders for a whole year!  AMAZING!

I have to be honest and tell you that I LOVE my chickens.  I know it sounds crazy but I love talking to them (stop laughing), giving them special treats (yes! treats are cool!) taking their pictures (they are very photogenic)….etc…

As much as I hate admitting to this: it hasn’t been a chore at all to take care of these wonderful girls.  They are always happy to see me and they recognize my voice!  THEY DO!  I always say nice things to them and that’s why they love me.

mmmm….I just re-read these sentences above…I sound like the crazy chicken lady!

OH well…so while you are laughing…you will enjoy this:

that's me by the chicken coop...I know nice outfit!

Just so you know chickens poop a LOT so you need old rubber boots and not your brand new running sneakers that you paid way too much $ for! Notice how all the chickens are wanting my attention!  It might be the treats I like to give them.

Speaking of treats, here is a list of yummies they can eat:

Fruits: apples, bananas, berries,pears, peaches, cherries, grapes (seedless only), melon , cantelope, pomegranates (love the seeds), pumpkin

Vegetables: asparagus, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts, carrots, corn, lettuce, peas, bell peppers (nothing spicy)

Grains, cooked rice (no seasoning) cereal (very low sugar), cook grits, oatmeal, crickets, plain pasta, mealworms.

Also: cooked chicken….NO CAN DO…that’s just wrong in my book!

Bad for them: raw potatoes peel, anything salty, any citrus, dried or undercooked beans, avocados, raw eggs (no kidding!), candy, sugar, chocolate.

Also here is something else you might find interesting:

that's a BIG egg!

I fear this picture doesn’t do the extra-large egg justice.  I mean that was one big bad dude (can we call an egg a dude…probably not!)  As I have told you in the past the chicks don’t lay an egg every single day (it’s every 28 hours or so) so I think that if by some weird reason they have delayed the natural process by more than “usual”….watch out it’s a big egg coming our way!

All in all the girls are doing great, there is some pecking going on…because there is always a Captain Bossy Pants in the group and just like in life they try to get the upper hand!  We are working on this little problem.  The internet is full of information on how to take care of your chickens/chickens issues!

If you ever think of getting chickens of your own I would suggest you subscribe to the magazine “Backyard Poultry” it is full of information for small (and large) scale chicken farming!

Ours come to our house with the name Homer instead of Matt because my brother, just like I, has a twisted sense of humor and he ordered the magazine as a present for Matt!

Here is the link to their web site: Backyard Poultry Magazine

I will leave you with this lovely picture of my sweet little girls eating a snack of butternut squash, peppers (mild only) and carrots!

12 lovely ladies snacking in the afternoon sun...gosh I need a life!

Peace and Love,



30 thoughts on “Raising Chickens: April Update

  1. My boys really want chickens. They have a couple of buddies that make good money selling their eggs, and they like taking care of animals. My question is can they be in full-sun? The spot I would put them only gets morning shade in the hot summer. Also, do you put them to bed at night inside your coop so the cyotes won’t get them? Thanks for the pics and your little story. I enjoyed this story this morning more than a recipe!

    • Hey Tina, yes they do need some shade, they would normally go under the coop for shade or you could make an “awning” since your yard is so open. We put them up at night, meaning we pull up the ramp and try to keep them as safe as possible. If you want you can come check out our “set up” and that might give you some ideas.

    • we started with 12 little baby chicks and we have 12 healthy lovely laying chicks! we thought let’s get 12, surely “nature” will happen and we might lose a few…nope all thriving chicks! They are obviously very well cared for chickens!

  2. This is a fantastic post!!!! No, I don’t think you’re crazy for talking to the chickens. I talk to animals all the time, especially horses, dogs, cats, and even the Mama Bird that’s roosting on her nest of four eggs in our yard. Our horse wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t share my tasty treats with him (his favorite is Kellogg’s Frosted Strawberry Pop Tarts …. no joke). As for the chicken coop attire, I think it’s GAW-GEOUS Dawlin’!!!!!!! Who needs fancy clothes anyway, I can think of better ways to spend my money. I love the boots and rolled-up pants. You’re stylin’.

    Hugs for a blessed day and weekend,
    Nicole @ Three 31

  3. Well, I guess I should say that you make “being a chicken keeper” look appealing…. NOT! :D. Did enjoy your write up and it gave me a chuckle this morning… But still not sharing this with my husband… I have hard enough time when he buys whole stewing chickens… I make him cut of the heads and claws.

  4. Ok – I must admit the Legacy Farm clan enjoys there chickens as much as you do. The girls bought 17 chicks in March. They’re doing something right because we now have 17 pullets. They will fit in good with our 7 laying hens. They’re like a fish tank, just fun to watch.

  5. I had chickens and a coop when I lived out on the Merrimac River…two members of the Saturday Brunch Bunch keep chickens and ducks in the city or near suburbs, and we’ve always got fresh eggs (chicken and duck) for our brunch menus…nothing store bought can touch them for flavor or color!

  6. No wonder their eggs are yummy . You do have cute chickens. Do they know they may be BBQ’d one day! Oh that was bad. Sorry chicks.

  7. I’m not sure where you live, but does it get cold in the winter? How cold can they survive? I really want chickens, but I fear our Chicago winters may be too much for them.

  8. Isabelle, your update was as happy sounding as you look in the photo! Those chickens are blessed to have you tending to them — hope they don’t try to outdo each other laying giant eggs for you…! But then, one-egg omelettes are good for you, right? 🙂 Really a fun, interesting post!

  9. Isabelle, On some of the fruits listed above on the treats you give them, can you feed them if they are a little beyond the freshness date that a person would eat them? I always feel wasteful when I throw out bananas or apples or melons that have a brown spot due to having them too long, but if you could feed them to the chickens, I might give them to you instead of throwing them out. I wouldn’t give you anything really rotten.:)

    • yes, a few brown spots are perfectly acceptable! I give them fruits and veggies that are a little past their prime (usually that’s when my kids don’t want to eat them!) but the chicks are not too picky! I’ll take whatever you have to give! Thanks

  10. I loved this! A long term goal of mine when my husband & I settle down permanently (post military) is to raise some chickens so we have free range organic eggs! =)

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