Roasted Asparagus, Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Bruschetta

You know when you go to bed hungry and your start thinking about delicious food ideas….THIS is how this recipe came to light.  I must say I didn’t sleep much last night because I kept dreaming of goat cheese and roasted vegetables over french bread but all and all it was a delightful and tasty dream. (that just sounded weird but I’m not changing it…)

I have a slight obsession with roasted veggies.  It’s under control for the most part and I haven’t tried to make roasted vegetable cookies…YET…but I don’t want a yuck factor to hurt my magical little morsels of pure delight…OK…as you can tell this “no-cookie” business till Easter is starting to affect me…let’s move on to the Bruschetta, it’s safer for now.

Roasted Asparagus, Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Bruschetta


1 pound asparagus (more or less)

1 red pepper cut into large chunks

1 tablespoon olive oil

Salt and Pepper

1 serving Balsamic Reduction (see: Balsamic Reduction Post ) for printer friendly see below

6-ounce Goat Cheese

French Baguette, sliced

Olive Oil (for brushing on baguette)

1 garlic clove, peeled and cut in half

How to:

Before I start I should mention that this is not an exact recipe.  I did give you quantities but in all reality go with your guts on this, you can’t mess it up.  Bottom line is: you need a lovely french bread that needs to be grilled, then you top it with goat cheese, a little bit of roasted veggies and drizzled with a lovely balsamic reduction….it’s all good in the neighborhood!

So here goes:

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F.  Line a large baking sheet with parchement paper or silpat.

Put your vegetables in your pan and drizzle with olive oil.  Add your salt and pepper and using your hand (or whatever else) gently toss to coat everything well.  Put in your preheated oven for 30 minutes.  Let cool to room temperature and cut into small bite sizes.  Put both asparagus and peppers in a serving bowl.  (you may want to mix them up a little bit so the beautiful colors are nicely distributed)



sizing things up….

a little bowl of magical veggies

Make balsamic reduction (see previous post or printer friendly for directions)

Time to grill your bread, you can either do this on the grill (which I did) or in a pan, either ways work.  Slice your bread about 3/4 inch thick (no rules just slice) Using the cut side of your garlic rub on both sides of each pieces.  Using a brush “paint” the olive oil also on both sides of your sliced bread.  Grill slowly until your get a beautiful crust.

the garlic

the olive oil

and the delicious bread

Time to assemble: Put a good “schmear” of goat cheese on each piece of bread, top with a spoon full of roasted vegetables and simply drizzle with the balsamic reduction.

A platter of delicious bruschetta

Please note: that you MUST assemble at least one bruschetta just for yourself and taste it quite selfishly to see how delicious this simple appetizer is.  Now finish the rest of them and serve to your guests, all along pretending you have no idea how amazing it will taste!

the selfish bite

Printer Friendly (contains both Bruschetta and Reduction): Roasted Asparagus, Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Bruschetta

Printer Friendly for Balsamic Reduction: Balsamic Reduction

Peace and Schmear,


p.s. This is how I luckily enjoyed this lovely appetizer.  My sweet husband and I sat down with a crisp glass of Chardonnay and this amazing snack!

quiet and peaceful…how do you like the make-do table? 🙂

Find my recipe here as well (go check it out!)

10 thoughts on “Roasted Asparagus, Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Bruschetta

  1. I just smiled & giggled silly like reading this post because it’s the way I cook, a little bit of this & some of that…not exact measurements…love roasting asparagus & bell peppers! This looks so yummy! Can’t wait to eat this with my grilled salmon!

  2. I love roasted veggies and goat cheese, so this sounds fabulous! My husband doesn’t like goat cheese, so I’m thinking I could make some of them with Boursin cheese, which he does like. But I would definitely need the goat cheese for myself! 🙂

  3. A voir cette photo….Je crois bien qu’il fait beau chez vous!!! Ici c’est moins 6 aujourd’hui…WOUACH!
    Bonne semaine et c’est certain que je garde cette recette dans mes favoris

    Bye, Marie x

  4. Isabelle, your bruschetta combination sounds WONDERFUL, especially with your balsamic reduction drizzled over the top. (I’ve made your recipe for that before and pretty much licked the pan!) (after it cooled!) I hope you & the hubby enjoyed every last crumb — your “table” is great and your view is very peaceful! Aahhhhhh….. 🙂

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