Leftover Monte Cristo

I love this sandwich.  I love that you can make it with whatever you have in your refrigerator at that exact moment.  I don’t want you to be mad about the simplicity or the fact that it might not be a true recipe of a Monte Cristo per say BUT I had to share the “process” with you.  It was absolutely delicious, easy and in my opinion quite cheap to make….

Leftover Monte Cristo

Leftover Monte Cristo

So here goes….

🙂 Please note that I am giving you ingredients for one selfish sandwich, yep a selfish sandwich.  So if you want to be generous, kind and make one for say…your partner or a friend then I suggest you get a calculator (!) and double the whole kit and kaboodle!


2 slices rustic bread (or whatever you have on hand…rustic is well….more rustic!)

2 slices Swiss cheese (that’s what I had today)

1 cup shredded roasted chicken or turkey (or 3-4 slices any type lunch meat you like, ham would be delicious! 😉 )

2-3 slices pear or apple (other suggestions??? go for it, but I think bananas might not work???)

1 egg

1 teaspoon fresh thyme (or whatever…)

Salt and Pepper


Maple Syrup for serving

How to:

In a shallow dish whisk your egg with fresh herbs, salt and pepper.  Set aside.

Time to build your sandwich.  Bread, 1 cheese slice, chicken, pear slices, salt, pepper, other cheese slice, other piece of bread!  Congrats, you are a sandwich maker!  😉

Doctorate in Sandwich Making

Doctorate in Sandwich Making

Dip your sandwich in your egg mixture, on BOTH sides (don’t pretend I didn’t have to share that with you…)

in the egg bath we go!

in the egg bath we go!

In a large pan (you don’t want to squish your sandwich in a small pan), melt 1 tablespoon butter.  Put your dipped sandwich in your hot pan and cook on both side for 4-5 minutes per side on medium heat.  OK here’s the deal: don’t keep touching and turning it over and over, LET THE SANDWICH BE…you can do it.  Also: DO NOT press on this sandwich too much it is NOT a panini.

you are aiming for a golden brown crust

you are aiming for a golden brown crust

Remove from pan, cut in half (genius, right?) and drizzle with your maple syrup….taste, and then taste AGAIN…simply delicious!

see how I turned the portion I ate around?  I am so clever!  No, not really.

see how I turned the portion I ate around? I am so clever! No, not really.

Note: I was so excited to eat my sandwich that I forgot my maple syrup…then I added it…then I took more pictures, yes I am that much of a nerd!

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Peace and Selfish,



6 thoughts on “Leftover Monte Cristo

  1. Dr. Isabelle, sandwich maker extraordinaire, that last photo was PERFECT. Who can resist the lure of a Monte Cristo? I love the addition of pears to this sandwich. Double YUM!

  2. Isabelle…you are adorable! I luv your writing b/c your natural voice and personality just shines! I also luv that you do makeshift things and approximates of fancy dishes…works for me, too! It’s all about what rocks your world, and this does for me! xoxo Ally

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