The Anti-Bucket List

Here I go again stirring things up and messing with the system…if you can call a bucket list a system.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate the idea of a bucket list, it is just that I don’t have one per say.  I usually find new things I want to do and just do them.  I know crazy, right?

So while driving around town, running more errands than necessary, I was listening to the radio and this comedian (John Pinette) was talking about ice skating.  He said, it is now on his no-bucket or anti-bucket list, something he feels he really doesn’t have to do again.  Well, that got me thinking about stuff that not only I don’t want to do again but more importantly things I don’t EVER want to do or try or attempt or….well you get the idea.

As always I will keep my list short, simply because I know your time is precious and frankly even I get bored with myself (on occasion).  I don’t want to lose you mid-way through a 100 items…here goes 10 (it’s a safe number)

1- Ski Diving: no need to jump off a perfectly good plane, maybe if the plane is going to crash and I need to exit quickly I might change my mind.

2- Bungee Jumping: same idea as #1. It’s a good bridge why chance it.

3- Eating at Golden Corral: no offense but I have paid my dues and it just not a place where I care spend my $.  (my blog, my opinion…don’t send hate mail) Actually, I will be honest and tell you that I have pretty much banned ALL buffets.

4- Driving a “speed/racing car”: I have no desire to even sit in one, I am just not that kind of gal…now give me a nice F150 4X4…oh wait, that’s my hottie husband’s truck! 😉

5- Going to a nude beach: truth be said: I have been to one BY ACCIDENT, I wasn’t nude (DEAR LORD I WASN’T) and still I can’t shake the damaging images I saw that day.

NOT a nude beach!

6- Entering an eating contest: I really don’t need to know how many pies or hot dogs I can eat in one sitting, the aftermath would be dramatic (to say the least)

7- Going on a submarine: there is not enough drugs or alcohol to make this happen.

8- Going to the North or South Pole: come on…I don’t even like the cold winters in Indiana.

9- Swimming with sharks: too clumsy.

Bear's fish: Bob and Bob (?!!) not sharks 🙂

10- Swimming the English Channel: I am in good shape but frankly I don’t care to look like a giant prune when I get to France.  I will take a plane or a boat thank you very much.

Peace and Love Always,


P.S. feel free to share your Anti-Bucket List items with the rest of the class 🙂

Mom! Make him stop and put this on MY anti-bucket list 😉

No worries….they are just playing!


11 thoughts on “The Anti-Bucket List

  1. Lol. You are a funny girl ever notice the people on the nude beach really should NOT be nude in public. Not that I frequent nude beaches…..

  2. Isabelle, when I read the title of your post, I thought, “This is gonna be good!” Then I read your post and thought, “This is better than good — it’s HILARIOUS!” Thanks for your humorous, tongue-in-cheek, cheeky musings. (And no, I wasn’t referring to your nude beach thought…) 🙂

    I don’t have a bucket list either, but a few things came to mind for an anti-bucket list: alligator wrestling, becoming a member of The Polar Bear Club (the folks who jump into icy lakes in the middle of winter… brrrrrrrr), and skateboarding. (I don’t need wheels to fall down, lol.) Thanks again for a fantastic, funny read!

  3. Running with the bulls!!! ……..WHY would ANYBODY do that?
    I am not a blogger but a facebook fan. Love your page!(:

  4. Okay – I LOVE the anti bucket list! I would never bungee jump, go to a nude beach….but I might sky dive! I doubt I would try to swim the English channel, either!

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