Weekend Getaway: Chicago

As you know I am quite the homebody…that being said I know when it’s time to get out of town and have a fun “girlfriend” weekend!

I picked up Janine at the airport on Thursday.  We headed to lunch and sat down for a much needed chat to catch up!  I made dinner at home on Thursday night, so the girls and Matt could have some quiet time with Janine before we left for Chicago on Friday.

By Friday morning the news channels were reporting what seemed like the storm of the century hitting the windy city….I guess the news stations were low on exciting events for that day because it was almost as if we were heading into Siberia.  Janine and I got so worried about our travel plans that we left at noon….we had dinner plans we didn’t want to miss….needless to say we got to Chicago by 3:30ish with plenty of time to spare before supper, we didn’t see one bit of snow or bad weather….so, what are 2 girls to do?  Go shopping!

Friday Night Supper:  The Purple Pig

Their moto: Cheese, Swine & Wine….thank you sweet heaven!  ALSO: named 1 of 10 best new restaurant by Bon Appetit 2010.

Our meal:

Pork Fried Almonds, Rosemary & Garlic

Salt Roasted Beets, Whipped Goat Cheese & Pistachio Vinaigrette

Pork Liver Pate

Chorizo Stuffed Olives

Pork Fried Almonds, Rosemary & Garlic

Then…..my phone died…. 😦

Saturday Morning: Brunch at: Sable Restaurant

Chef Heather Terhune from Top Chef Texas!  OMG this brunch was absolute perfection….AND my phone was fully charged…you are welcome! 😉

What we ate:

For the table (to wet our appetite):

Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Waffle: Bourbon Maple Syrup

For Janini:

Wild Mushroom-Spinach Eggs Benedict & Home Fries

For Brad (our host):

Smoked Bacon Omelet, Asparagus, Chives, Brie, Home Fries & Toasts

For moi:

Breakfast Flatbread; potatoes, country sausage, cheddar cheese & sunny side-up egg

Of course we washed it all down with Mimosas!

Saturday night was the big foodie dinner (the actual reason we drove to Chicago!)  Janini and I were in charge of appetizers and desserts…oh and some sides as well.  Yes, we are both overacheivers!

Us ready for the party:

Party time! (camera quality is questionable!)

Appetizers we made:

French Baguette Toasts with fig jam and Irish Cheddar

Lobster Cheviche

Chicken Salad Bite with Brie

***I completely forgot to take pics of our appetizers because Brad & Ronnie were “forcing” us to have a gin & tonic prior to supper!***

Other Yumminess:

Savory bread pudding, scallop, corn panacota & massaged kale (not kidding!)

braised pork shoulder ravioli, cornichons & tomato ragout

Finally the main course was: Beef tenderloin with shallot reduction sauce and goat cheese, side of couscous, shaved brussel sprouts & pancetta….at this point the people holding the camera (moi or Janini) had quite a few glasses of wine and lost track of our photos opportunities!

Dessert (by moi)

Jezebel Brownies

Jezebel Brownies

Peanut Butter & Rolo Cookies

Peanut Butter & Rolo Cookies

and a little bit of French Vanilla Hagaen Dazs Ice Cream (which is all I had NO cookies or brownies for me!)

It was an absolutely amazing meal and the best part: HOMEMADE!  Isn’t that just perfect?  I love going to amazing restaurants but I love to see how creative and awesome people can be in the kitchen!

Finally the next morning I made everyone steak and eggs…nothing beats leftover beef tenderloin with fresh eggs (from my little chickies or course!)

Then I drove home in a food coma!

Wishing you all amazing friendships and lovely evenings with friends and family!

Peace and Love



6 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway: Chicago

  1. Isabelle, what a blast to tag along with you in this post — the food, the fun!!! I’m so happy you got to go on a getaway (and the weatherman was wrong…) 😉 Besides the stellar restaurant food, your homemade meal at the end looked fabulous. Happy times!

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