Dirty Martini

I don’t live in London, Paris or Rome.  I did however use to live in Montreal….this has nothing to do with anything other than me hoping to throw a little “worldliness” into this post.  Bottom line: I am Captain Normal (wait wait….stop laughing) I know it the grand scheme of life I am a bit unusual…that being said, I still live a pretty average normal basic (some might say boring) life.

First thing to know, as previously stated, I open my mouth and people know immediately I am not from Indiana.  It’s the accent…and maybe the “demeanor” who knows?  Second, I live on 5 acres in the booming city of Bargersville, In.  Never heard of it?  I am shocked!  This is a happening place, filled with corn and soy fields, a huge soccer field, a rockin’ feed store, a few gas stations…oh my I could go on!

where I live…. ❤

Needless to say I don’t spend my nights and days hobnobbing with the Super Stars of our society….but…..

In order to prove that I can be worldly (yes, this was a loooong way to get to this recipe!) I present to you the “Dirty Martini”.

Dirty Martini


6 ounces Vodka

1/2 ounce Dry Vermouth

1/2 ounce Olive Juice (from the jar) *you can up the amount of olive juice if you want*

2-3 stuffed olives (I like the Jalapeno Stuffed Olives or Blue Cheese but any will work)

“Frozen” Martini Glass (hugely important)

How to:

Here’s where I might get into trouble: I like my martinis shaken not stirred….but what the heck, do what you like, I don’t mind it’s your drink…let it make you happy!

The Usual Suspects (great movie by the way….)

Fill a shaker with ice, add your vodka, dry vermouth and olive juice.  Give it a good shake, maybe sing a little song, do a dance…you know shake your money maker…KIDDING!  Pour/Strain your magic potion into your FROZEN Martini glass.  Add your stuffed olives and take a sip….aaaah….perfection!

Time to sit back, relax and enjoy the weekend!

What’s with the FROZEN glass: well, it’s what keeps your cocktail to the perfect chilled temperature.  Trust me, a “room temperature” dirty martini tastes like carpeting. 😉

Note: in my experience using a decent vodka is the key…not so much for taste but after “effects”!

Note #2: this recipe makes only 1 cocktail….that’s my limit if I want to stay married… 🙂

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Peace and Money Makers!



5 thoughts on “Dirty Martini

  1. LOVE your beautiful, scenic photos and glimpse into your world. “Normal” is in the eye of the beholder — it is what we make it (or as you say, it is what is is!)

    Your martini is also a sight to behold — hopefully, I’ll “beholding” one later. 🙂 Have a great weekend, Isabelle!

  2. I may live nestled amongst the major studios. I may cavort with artists. I may hobnob with the occasional celebrity. But I will NEVER be sophisticated enough to drink a martini, Isabelle.

    And I miss the simplicity of the country, its food, and its folk. You have it all.

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