Savannah, take me away!

I am a true lover of the South.  I have talked about this in the past I know, but I must remind you before I share with you the beautiful pictures of our trip.  I love ALL and everything Southern.  I do not however love anything “trendy” or commercial or popular….see where I am going with this?  No, I did not go to Paula Deen’s restaurant.  Why?  Because as much as I love Southern cooking, I do not love waiting 5 hours in line to eat fried chicken….and pay $25. for said chicken.  That is just absurd in my book.  I am not saying I don’t love her recipes.  I do and I have many of her cookbooks but I have learned my lesson in the past that going to a popular/trendy restaurant was just going to be a huge let down for me so I/we opted to eat somewhere else….trust me Savannah offers a huge variety of local restaurants.  No disappointments what so ever!

We decided to go to Savannah between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  It was actually my birthday present from Matt.  As it turns out, we were very lucky that Matt’s sister Kerri was visiting and therefore able to help us care for the funny farm we have here!

We left on December 27th when Matt got back from the fire station and proceeded to drive for 12 hours straight.  No messing around here, we get to where we need to be!

Welcome to Savannah!

The architecture in this town is simply mind-blowing, I love every single house we saw!  The paved streets reminded me of Old Town Quebec City or the old port in Montreal…absolutely perfect.  Full of history and plenty of folks to share it with!

I could have honestly taken this pic in Quebec pretty

so cool, don't you think? ONLY food pic...

Note: we ate a LOT…I just was having too much fun with my peeps to stop and take picture of all the food we ate….and ate….and ate…I am wearing my fat pants since we got back…such a pretty sight 😉

do you see it? 🙂


My conclusion…because I lived in Florida for over 10 years: these folks are British….no insult it’s just that when you live in Florida, the only people wanting to jump in the freezing cold oceans in DECEMBER are usually the British tourists.  It’s a very well documented fact!

Tibee Island, very pretty but felt just a tad like Daytona Beach if you ask me...

aren't I so cool?

Truth be told, I asked/begged Matt (after we realized the restaurant was only open for dinner): “take my picture please on this giant chair, it will be so funny”…he is so nice he only whispered that he thought I looked like a dork.

Matt REALLY wanted a picture of all the private ramps/docks, who's the dork now?

I will spare you the bazillion pictures Sunshine took of this beautiful Catholic Church

same goes for the cemetery....way too many to share!

Note: we did take a tour of the “haunted Savannah” and it really was a fun and interesting time.  So many cool facts about this city, our guide could have spent hours on the amazing history of Savannah.  This picture actually represents the tombstones that the city was unable to return to its rightful place after too many vandals destroyed the cemetery, so they were all placed along this wall.

the city has many lovely parks and squares to walk around

I think this house is IT....although I did say that quite a lot...but this one is perfect

or maybe this one????

OK...OK....I love pretty's the interior designer in me!

just so you know I didn't completely ignore Paula's you go!

We arrived on Tuesday and left on Saturday, it was more than enough time to eat, drink and be merry….but I am a “homebody” after all so I was quite ready to get back to “Isabelle at home”.

I must also share with you that I am (in my book) wife of the year (or at least month!) because you see my dear husband got the flu right around the half way point of our trip….didn’t phase my appetite in the least, nor my drinking or even my shopping.  But I did drive home 13 hours straight.  He was so sick the poor guy, he couldn’t even hold his head up when Saturday came around.  AND I needed him to go to work on Sunday…someone has to be the mature adult around here….lord knows I am not stepping up to that plate anytime soon!

Glad to be back!

Glad to meet you 2012!

Glad to have such wonderful people reading my blog!

Peace and love to all,


10 thoughts on “Savannah, take me away!

  1. Isabelle! I felt like I was there w/you! I live only about 3 1/2 hours from Savannah, and visit it often…my son lived there when he was stationed at Ft. Stewart, which is about 45 min south of the city, so I had plenty of reason to take the easy drive down 17S to this amazing city! Aren’t we glad Sherman didn’t totally destroy it! You look gorgeous, too!! xoxox Ally

  2. Isabelle, you look like one happy camper in that photo! I’m glad you were able to spend time in a place that makes your heart smile. Loved your write-up of your trip, the photos, and just your enthusiasm for all things Southern. A very Happy New Year to y’all!

  3. Thanks so much, Isabelle! I’m a huge Savannah fan, so your gorgeous photography really makes me want to hit the road. I truly understand and agree about not paying $25 for Paula’s fried chicken. How ridiculous is that?!? I’ve always considered Savannah and New Orleans sisters at heart, so it isn’t surprising that I love them both. Glad you had such a great time and took the time to share it with us!

  4. Love, love, LOVE Savannah! One of my favorite cities in the South! My sisters and I spent a week there on a “sister’s trip” and we were lucky enough to stay at the Mansion at Forsythe Park. What a beautiful place! Thank you for sharing your amazing photos!

  5. Great pictures, Isabelle!!!! Savannah is one of the prettiest cities in the South, I used to visit often as a little girl when we would take vacations to the Carolinas, whether it was Savannah and Tibee Island, The Outer Banks, or Charleston. Such great areas and back-in-the-day they weren’t as popular or crowded. Glad you enjoyed your trip, I love your pictures!!!!

    Cheers to 2012. 🙂

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