White Christmas

Have you guys ever seen the episode from Everybody Loves Raymond when Debra gets a recipe from her mother in law (Marie) and she suspects she didn’t give her the right recipe but can’t prove it?  Only to figure out later that Marie did give her the right recipe, but she “nicely” let Debra use her spices.  Marie was clever in hiding a “fake/wrong” spice in the bunch.  Everyone thinks Debra has lost her mind but she insists that she knows something is not right.

Well, this recipe came from my mother-in-law….no no she didn’t give me the wrong recipe but years ago when Matt and I were celebrating our first Christmas together he wanted his mother’s White Christmas.  So I emailed her and asked for the recipe.  She sent it to me immediately…..then a few weeks went by and she emailed me again, it seems she had omitted an ingredient in the original email.  Luckily for me I had not made the treats yet so no harm done.   But I couldn’t help but think of that episode when I read the second email….sabotage?  Probably not…. right, Penny? 🙂

I make this treat every Christmas and I put it in nice little bag to give to friends and family.  It is really good and easy to make.

I bet you guys are tired of looking at my little bags...but aren't they cute!?

I bet you guys are tired of looking at my little bags…but aren’t they cute!?


3 cups Cheerios

3 cups Rice Chex mix

3 cups Corn Chex Mix

2 cups plain chocolate M & M’s (during the holidays you can get the red and green, really cute)

2 cups pretzel sticks broken up

2 cups peanuts (lightly salted)

1 pound white chocolate/almond bark

How to:

In a very large bowl, mix all your ingredients except your white chocolate.  Set aside.




mix it up!

mix it up!

In a large double boiler or microwave melt your white chocolate.  Carefully not to over microwave otherwise it will curdle and you will have to start over.

Pour your melted white chocolate over your mixed ingredients.  Gently mix.  Lay everything on 2 baking sheet and put in your freezer for 1-2 hours.  Break up the cooled treat and put into cute Christmas bags or boxes.

oh this is gonna get messy!

oh this is gonna get messy!

messy but soooooo tasty! I promise :)

messy but soooooo tasty! I promise 🙂


a word to the wise....don't taste it yet...or you won't be able to stop!

a word to the wise….don’t taste it yet…or you won’t be able to stop!


I couldn't help myself...just one more pic of my little treat bags!

I couldn’t help myself…just one more pic of my little treat bags!

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Peace and No fake recipes,



15 thoughts on “White Christmas

  1. I have to laugh because my Mom actually does this, then she just smiles and pats my hand and says I’m just not as good a cook as my Momma … sigh. LoL

  2. I think your little bags are downright jolly and a sign of your giving spirit, Isabelle! (Smiling over the “recipe sabotage” — and loving this White Christmas treat!)

  3. My MIL makes this and calls it white trash…I like yours better because she adds WAY too much white chocolate and it makes me a little sick… I have had yours so I KNOW it’s good!!

  4. i haven’t seen that episode, but it sounds very true to life for many families. i love sharing recipes with others. I once was given a recipe for baked mac n cheese and it was one of the most epic failures in my kitchen. it tasted terrible and i had made 3 of them to give to my aging aunt and uncle to freeze. needless to say all 3 dishes went in the trash. and so did the recipe! this party mix looks and sounds yummy. thanks for sharing the recipe! i’ve been out of habit of reading blogs for a few months and yours is one i’m happy to catch up on!

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  6. We call this Floor Sweepings and I had to smile at basilmomma because I was going to tell you to try it with double the white chocolate because it’s so much better! 🙂

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