Funny Business

I love love love to laugh BUT what I love even more so is to make people laugh….and I mean pee your pants kind of laugh.  Too much???  Sorry, but it’s a fact, and if I have to be the one you are laughing at, I am OK with that as well.

Needless to say, I am clumsy….extremely clumsy.  And I never learn.  I can trip on the same piece of carpet entering the gym every single day….EVERY SINGLE DAY…no one else is tripping on this carpet but me.

Today because my neck was hurting I thought it would be an awesome idea to go in the dry sauna, not only to sweat all the toxins in my body but also try to relax my muscles a little.  It is a nice sauna with a nice glass door….and now with my nose’s print on it.  Yes, you are correct, I smacked my whole face on the glass….the ladies inside the sauna were trying not to laugh until I said: “go ahead laugh, I will probably do the same thing tomorrow…because I just don’t learn my lessons.”  I thought one lady was going to fall off the bench.

I bet she went home and told her family: “I laughed so hard today when this lady with a weird accent smacked her whole face in the glass door at the gym”.  Glad I was her little ray of laughter!

THEN…I went to take a shower, I found out that a gym’s shower curtain can hold up a 42 year old woman pretty darn well when she is about to face plant into the shower.  Lucky day I guess!

Today’s lesson: laugh, who cares really?  It’s the best exercise for your facial muscles.

FYI: toxins =wine

FYI: my old gym closed so I am “learning” the lay of the land at a new gym.  Members at my new gym are learning to stay clear of my path.

FYI: Go workout, you’ll feel better!  Who knows you might see a goofball like me take a face plant on the treadmill singing out loud to the Backstreet Boys… DON’T JUDGE.

Peace out,


Note: image from:  via Pinterest 🙂


9 thoughts on “Funny Business

  1. And THAT is why I avoid the gym. Seriously, though, I totally relate. I have gone five days without an injury! I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop… So I can trip over it!

    Glad you’re feeling better; now bring me some food, please.

  2. So last night I was walking a friend who had come to visit out of our home. I was walking up a little step in our split-level to escort friend through the door and I ATE IT! A two foot high Morrocan pot, an antique car trophy, a plant, and my tuchas, all landed on the hardwood floor. The pot is still upside down. I might be, too, but I’ve got to go work today, despite my new limp.

    I’m so glad the friend was still there to help me up; I often lie there stunned for a moment or two after impact. Friend was so sweet, assuaging my embarrassment, by saying, “It’s okay. I fall all the time, too.”

    Had I not been so stunned, I’d have recommended your site, Isabelle. In the meantime, I blame YOU for the extra gravity in our home. 😉

    Where’s the aspirin?

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