A Whole Lotta Eggs….

Darn Cooper, I was trying to take pics of the chicks!

I bet some of you saw this coming.  I have eggs up the wazoo….!!!  Reality of it is: we have 12 chicks.  Matt, always thinking ahead of the game, thought: surely one or two are not going to make it.  I mean it’s the law of nature, the survival of the fittest, not all living things come to fruition…you get the idea.  Not here….all 12 little chicks have made it to 12 “producing, laying, eating and then some” chickens….ALL 12 of them are laying eggs on a regular basis.

Let’s talk about the math of having 12 laying chicks for a household of 4 peeps. (pause: I went and got my calculator!)

So during the course of a week: 7 days (glad I got that right)

12 chicks: laying 1 egg each every 26 hours or so.

7 days x 24 hours per day (I wish there was more…hours that is)= 168 hours per week

168 hrs per week divided by 26 hours (time needed for a chick to lay)= 6.5 eggs each chick per week

6.5 eggs each chick x 12 chicks= 78 eggs EACH week.

On average an “normal” household of 4 peeps will go through a dozen eggs per week….what do you do with the remainder 66 eggs?  You give them away…to family and friends.

Why so serious? I am only trying to take a few pictures 🙂

Remember Steve? She is still very "healthy"...if you know what I mean!

This is also what you do with a lot of eggs: yumminess!

So if you’ve had the pleasure of me coming to you with a carton of eggs, just know that I have more….a lot more coming!  Let me know if you can taste the difference, we sure can!  I wish I could send every single blog reader a dozen eggs…alas you will have to simply enjoy the recipes from my multitude of eggs!

Peace and Wazoo,


Just a little note: Please, pretty please….return the cartons because I will have to give eggs in grocery sacks….just sayin’ 🙂


13 thoughts on “A Whole Lotta Eggs….

  1. you can also freeze the eggs. First break a dozen or however many you like in a bowl…whisk until well mixed. Poor into freezer container of your choice, label and freeze. Great for scrambled eggs, quiche, and frittata!

  2. My dear friend, I have the privilege of getting those beautiful eggs and each time it’s like Christmas for me. They are really good eggs. Those egg laying chicks do a great job. They are happy girls.
    Thank you so much for sharing your eggs.
    P.S. I will return the cartons.

  3. I have not had the pleasure of you bringing me eggs. but let me tell you FARM fresh eggs taste so much better. There is no comparison between the store bought factory eggs. and a farm fresh one. We use to raise chickens and ducks. And they had the best tasting eggs ever

  4. Isabelle, I got such a kick out of that first picture — wasn’t expecting to see a “dog smile” on your post about eggs, lol — but then I realized all your chickens live in a coop — and his name IS Cooper… 🙂 Thanks for this happy post — made me smile!

  5. I also have chickens isabella! I’ve had them for about 5 years and actually have some pedigree chicks (ameracaunas) that I breed and sell the eggs. There is nothing like having your own chickens, at one time this summer had around 60 chickens. I ended up giving alot of them away because it got to be too much. If you have extra eggs have your dh take some to work and charge minimally this gets them hooked. I currently have around 3o egg layers. I sometimes will give away the first dozen, you will have more orders than chickens. I charge 3.00 for mine, which basically just pays for the feed and you might be known like me as the “Chicken lady” Good luck with the girls.

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