Tabouleh…My New World

OK maybe I am over-reacting a little….well a lot but still, it hurts.  I was “told” by my doctor that I needed to be off dairy for the next 3 or so weeks.

I don’t like to drink milk.  no problem

I am not a yogurt fan. no worries

I don’t drown my sorrows with sour cream….mmmm sometime I do (with a glass of wine and a bag of chips!)

I might have a tiny small obsession with blue cheese salad dressing….oh….where is this going?

I eat cheese like I am a mouse….oh boy….I’m in trouble now!

I love cheese.  I put cheese in everything.  I run with cheese.  OK I don’t but that would be kind of funny and cool at the same time….YES it would!

So I have been thinking of non-cheese recipes.  Wouldn’t you know that everything I think of has cheese in it.  So I went back to my college vegetarian/vegan epiphany (don’t ask) and all I ate was Tabouleh….in all reality I think it only lasted 1 month…but I did stretch the no alcohol for about a year….such foolishness….that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

WARNING: Before I start let me make clear that not only do I know that it can be spelled: tabouli or tabbouleh or tabouleh…I get it.  I ALSO know that traditionally it is made with bulgur.  I rarely buy that type of grain but I always have couscous or quinoa.  That’s what I use.  This is my version of it.  Quick, easy and my kids like it….works for me!

Such vibrant colors


3 cups cooked Couscous or Quinoa or Bulgur

4 cups parleys chopped (I like to mix flat leaf and regular parsley…I know I live on the edge)

5 green onions finely chopped (some people like to use red onion)

3 garlic cloves crushed and finely chopped

2 cups diced tomatoes (I had cherry and roma leftover)

Zest and Juice 1 lemon

1/2 cup olive oil

Salt and Pepper

3 Tablespoons toasted pine nuts


1/2 cup fresh mint chopped (don’t send hate mail….I HATE mint)

1 English cucumber finely diced (I can’t eat cucumbers anymore….sadly)

How to:

Large bowl: put everything in there and mix well.  Simple easy….I really don’t have many more instructions regarding this dish!

Also great with crackers or chips

How I like to eat mine?  In a warm pita bread…I fill the pita until it is ready to burst and that’s all I need.  It is not only fresh and healthy but beautiful to look at.

not the best pic but so fresh and a great lunch for Meatless Mondays 🙂


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Peace and Check Your Teeth For Parsley!



11 thoughts on “Tabouleh…My New World

  1. I love, LOVE tabouleh! We eat this a LOT in the summer and I make it using what I have but mostly couscous and quinoa. It is perfect for eating on the boat and sometimes I even throw in a handful of white beans (no longer tabouleh then but still yummy) and Matt likes it with shrimp on top!

  2. Looks so good! Can’t wait for spring so I can plant a herb garden and load it with parsley…. yes I’m wishing away winter before it even begins!

    Add some grilled lemon chicken and a dallop of hummus and I would be in healthy heaven!

  3. hahahaha I love you. Especially the cheese rants & the check your teeth for parsley.

    No cheese for 3 weeks?! Whyyyyyy. I would die. I would die if I wasn’t allowed to have my daily can of regular soda too.

    Happy Monday!

  4. This was as readily available to me in my childhood was Oklahoma football and hugs. This IS a hug. For our family, cucumber is not optional, though.

    It would be high-larious, Isabelle, if you ran with spray cheese / EZ cheese; that would be classic. I’ll bring my Ritz, to receive, next time I’m in your neck of the woods.

  5. Oh, I hope that it’s not a dairy problem…especially since you have something that you love. That being said, the tabouleh looks AMAZING! Best of luck to you and let us know when/if you’re able to have dairy again!

  6. Yum. This looks amaizing. I’m going to put some cilantro in it also. You know I am addicted to the stuff.
    BTW, I didn’t know there were recipies without cheese!! Our cheese and meat drawer has 1 box of sliced turkey and about 6 different kinds of cheeses.

  7. Isabelle, you can DO it! Your body will thank you. And with your creativity, you’ll come up with all kinds of fabulous food! This taboola (tee hee) is just one example. LOL and checking my teeth… 🙂

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