Change is good….right?

Disclaimer #1: This is NOT a product endorsement.  This is NOT a product review.  This is me trying to get shoes that work for me.  I don’t have any connections with any of the companies I will talk about….although for the right price…I am YOUR GIRL! 😉  Yes, I can be bought!

Disclaimer #2: I am NOT a doctor…I know; hard to believe, right?  I am a runner, a mom, a wife, a cook, an eater, an exercise freak, a lover of all sports wear, a wine drinker, a food nerd….still not a doctor!

I got new shoes….or I should say Mr. Man bought me new shoes for my birthday.  They are (in my opinion) a bit expensive, I would have never had the guts to buy them for myself.  Yet, when my husband buys them for me I am totally guilt free!  Same bank account but no guilt!

The t-shirt is a joke, you know how I like to talk a little trash to motivate myself.  I finally took a picture BEFORE I went for a run as opposed to after when I am all sweaty and gross.  I even brushed my hair for you guys! 🙂

let's face it: I am NOT a model...this is the best pose I could come up with!

I do love all my Nike tees and running shorts….just an FYI 😉

NEW SHOES: Newton running shoes….awesome…BUT you must break them in a mile at a time.  Geez o Pete!  I do love them.  I even did a better time running my last 5mile run.  So much fun!  The shoes are really light and they help you with the way you run.  More of a toe first type of running as opposed to heel first running (which is not good!)  I didn’t have a problem adjusting to the difference in running because I am a toe runner anyway, but new shoes always require a period of adjustment.

light, comfortable and overall great running shoes

newton running

Last shoes: Asic’s 2160: great for my feet….not so much on the knees.  I still wear these when I do the elliptical because I want to keep my “Newton” for running.  I do love the Asics.  They were extremely easy to run in and they are very comfortable.

Comfortable, nice toe box and good arch support

asics america

Prior shoes (for about 10 years!): Saucony Grid: Perfect for my knees until my body decided to get old and cause plantar fasciitis…nice!  As I said I wore this brand for 10 years, running in the Florida heat and I didn’t have a problem until recently.  It might all be in my head!

light and great on my knees


This is our shoe graveyard:

I am fully aware that it's a total mess....but I can't be bothered to fix it

Don’t go sending me emails telling me this is an extensive and outrageous amount of shoes.  They are not all mine.  Some were mine and I ran the life out of them.  Some are my kids.  Some were left here.  Some are hand me downs from friends…etc…but I keep them all because we live on 5 acres, we have a chicken coop, we have creek near by, lots of corn fields and a HUGE soccer center by our front yard….we need crappy shoes!

Moral of the story: I am not Cinderella and it seems not just ONE shoe is perfect.  I need to try a few to figure out what I need…and even more so what I need for each activity it seems.  I encourage you to try not only different shoes but different activities, exercises, programs….etc…get out there and move a little more 🙂

Peace and Love,

Dr. Isabelle (medical license found in a box of Cracker Jack’s along with driver license, marriage license….what?! KIDDING)


9 thoughts on “Change is good….right?

  1. 🙂 This is ironic as I just bought a pair of running shoes for MY husband! I, too, have levels of my shoes. Running, gym equip., just casual…etc. If I am going to spend over a certain amount on a good pair I am not wearing them just wherever. I like those Newtons, they are light. I have been a Brooks and Saucony girl but I just got Matt a pair of Nikes so he can use his little running sensor I got him.
    Great post Dr. Vorhies!

  2. I don’t think that’s a mess at all. Very organized if you ask me, not that you did. Just saying. I wish I could still run but between the plantar fasciitis and the exercise-induced headaches I unfortunately had to stop a few years ago. You go girl with all the running you do! Sounds like you have a wonderful life with your kids, husband, chickens, baking, and all that you enjoy. Have a great day and keep up the great work. 🙂

  3. Dear Dr. Isabelle,
    You look extremely healthy and fit and I’m proud of you for taking such good care of yourself! (And I’m proud of Mr. Man for buying you those shoes — good job, Mr. Man!) I would like to make one suggestion. Your photo entitled “tee and shoes” should be captioned: “Hottie in shoes!” 🙂

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