Why I will never be a Superstar

Please humor me while I list all the things I have done and am still doing that will prevent me from being a star….super or not.

1. I have been known to use very colorful language. (never in front of children or the elderly, of course)

2. I tell very inappropriate stories to whomever wants to hear them. (mostly about me)

3. I have a closet and it has a few skeletons. (where I’d like them to stay….forever!)

4. I like to drink wine…at times a lot…it drowns the noises of all my pet peeves. (I have a lot of pet peeves)

5. My biggest pet peeves are my own actions.

6. I tend to sweat profusely in large crowd. (I am a real cool cat! no pun intented!)

7. I have zero patience, I’ve tried to improve on that but it seems I have better things to do.

8. I laugh at very uncomfortable situations.

9. I am a very bad listener.

10. and finally I don’t mind going out in public dressed in my sweaty smelly clothes directly from the gym….that’s mostly everyday.

extra: I am highly competitive and I like to trash talk….see t-shirt evidence:

am I going too fast?

I know that’s not nice…

But then again I get paybacks…look at that bruise (darn chickens!)

that's what happens when you fall in a chicken coop!

Peace and Love,

Isabelle the not superstar!


18 thoughts on “Why I will never be a Superstar

  1. Being honest, funny and real IS being a superstar in my book! Your photos show a confident, beautiful, healthy, feisty woman — even if the chickens won the first round. 🙂

  2. I won’t ask you what your running pace is, ’cause I’m a little competitive, too… mostly with myself, though. LOL I don’t say so out loud, but it INFURIATES me during a race when I see runner after runner passing me!! Especially when they are women the same height and age as me!! It makes me feel like the biggest slow-poke… So, again, I won’t ask what your running pace is, because it will probably pi$$ me off!! LMAO

  3. Oh, you ARE a superstar for the very reasons you think you won’t be! I love it! That’s one heck of a bruise there – I’m such a wimp, I’d probably ask for a cast!

  4. Man Isabelle, you’re just like me (or vice versus). The number of times I’ve told an AWESOME story, only to have everyone exchange embarrassed glances and change the subject… I wish we lived closer, so that we could be inappropriate together — more than one person doing the same thing makes it cool, right?

  5. I knew it. You are my long lost sister. But you are not lost; celebrity is over-rated.

    That is a mean chiLcken bruise, Isabelle. You should be proud. My own monster bruise is FINALLY starting to heal. I mean, c’mon, I’m forty-two and it has only been two months…

    Savory recipe next, please; I’m hungry! (But I enjoy your narratives just as much.)

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