Rhubard Custard Bars & Looking for Missing Flour

My Rhubarb...

Before I start I wanted to show you why I had to go to the store and buy fresh rhubarb…yes the “brown” leaf through the weeds is my rhubarb! 🙂

My father in law gave me a lovely cookbook from his trip to Alaska.  Lots of delightful recipes to try and lots of personal touches….also a bit of confusions.  Matt in an effort to be a good husband has “bunny eared” quite a few pages which he feels would be a great addition to my cooking repertoire…such a dear!  Of Course leave it to me to start with a recipe with “missing ingredients and info”!

But I am resourceful, I found out who the “local” editor was and I emailed asking if they or the nice lady: Mrs Linda Willard from Homer Alaska could possible help me and share the ACTUAL recipe…nothing, zip, zero, nada, rien…no one can help me.  So to the internet I go.  It seems that I will need 7 tablespoons of flour for the filling.  This recipe sounds so delicious, I just can’t pass it up.

The Book: Kachemak Kitchens, A Taste of Homer, 2008 2nd Edition.

Where I also found a similar recipe: Taste of Home

Custard Rhubarb Bars



2 cups flour (that wasn’t the missing flour)

1/4 cup sugar

1 cup butter


2 cups sugar

7 tablespoons flour (missing flour)

3 eggs

5 cups rhubarb


6-ouce cream cheese

1/2 cup sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 cup whipping cream (whipped)

How to:

Preheat your oven to 350F

For the crust: Combine your flour, sugar and butter and press into a 9 X13 pan.  Bake in your preheated oven for 10 minutes.

Just go ahead and dump everything in there

press press press and voila!

For the filling: Combine your flour and sugar, whisk in cream and eggs.  Fold in rhubarb, pour over crust and bake for 45 minutes.  Let cool before adding topping.

ready for the oven

fresh out of the oven

For the topping: Beat cream cheese and sugar, fold in whipped cream, spread over cooled filling and chill until ready to serve.

***confusion #2: please add you vanilla to your cream cheese and sugar! 🙂

I love rhubarb, so creamy and delicious

Lovely, simple and perfect for a large group.

Next I plan on trying to make the moose burger…if only I could find a moose in Indiana.  Even better: Roadkill, I am serious there is a recipe called: Roadkill….I wonder if I can use Indiana Roadkill for it.  KIDDING…sort of….

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Peace and Where’s the Flour,


Go check out my recipe here as well:


7 thoughts on “Rhubard Custard Bars & Looking for Missing Flour

  1. Your rhubarb plant looks as bad as my topsy-turvy tomatoe plant looked this year with the heat wave. I hope to do better next year! How did the rhubarb bars turn out?

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