Egg Salad Sandwich

Some of you know my life long commitment to clumsiness.  Don’t knock it, it takes talent to be this clumsy and awkward.  My latest achievement was at a local “wings” restaurant where my sweet husband and I decided to treat ourselves to one of our favorite: nachos with the works (mostly for me) and chicken wings (mostly for him) for lunch.  Extremely bad food…amazingly delicious.  What can I say, sometimes you have to go for it!

So, while enjoying our truly bad for your health lunch, I was mid-conversation while I inhaled a chip.  No, I didn’t chew it.  Yes, I started to choke.  Bad, real bad.  So bad, everyone at the table next to us was starting to look concerned.  Matt stopped eating and kept on saying: “are you OK?”  I couldn’t answer.  I was making sounds no one should make in public.  I ran for the bathroom.  I’ll spare you the bathroom scenario but suffice to say: I dislodged the chip….as best I could.  Walking back to the table, I noticed Matt was having a conversation with the waitress: “could you go into the ladies room and see if my wife is still alive?’  I must have looked pretty bad because he normally doesn’t even flinch when I do stuff like that. (!)

That, my friends, is me.  Classy, aren’t I?

My mom says it’s all in the genes!  Well, thank you Mom!  Sadly both my daughters are on the same path…oh what a life for their future husbands!

In honor of my grandma (The Great clumsy), my mom (Chief Clumsy), me (General Clumsy) and both Sunshine and Bear (Captain Happy Clumsy and Lieutenant Grumpy Clumsy) Here’s our family Egg Salad:

Egg Salad Sandwich in a hot dog's a family thing

Egg Salad Sandwich in a hot dog bun…it’s a family thing


8 Eggs (try not to break them…that would be clumsy)

1/2 cup Mayonnaise (light or low fat is fine) (I don’t like Miracle Whip because it is sweet but if that is all your family will eat then it’s your call)

Splash Hot sauce

1 Tablespoon Dijon Mustard

1 Heaping Tablespoon fresh chives finely chopped

Salt and Pepper (about 1 teaspoon each)

How to:

In a large pot place your eggs and cover with water (not hot but not cold…medium I guess!) Put your burner on high and bring to a boil.  Once your water is boiling reduce heat to medium and start timer for 12 minutes.

    Captivating water...oh the excitement!

Captivating water…oh the excitement!

Note: I am fully aware that MANY of you have your own method (which I am certain is perfect) for making hard boiled eggs.  I take no offense if you use your method.  This is what I do and it works!

Let your eggs cool completely before peeling them.  Once cooled and peeled place your eggs in a large bowl.  Using a potato masher or a fork, mash your eggs until you have a fine consistency with no visible lumps.  Add your mayonnaise, hot sauce, dijon mustard, chives, salt and pepper.  Mix well.  Taste and adjust seasoning if needed.

the mashing

the mashing

the ingredients

the ingredients


together at last

together at last

My mom always made our egg sandwiches on hot dog buns which she grilled in a pan with a little butter.  Here’s Bear’s:

    I was able to get at least one pic (above) before she took a bite!

I was able to get at least one pic (above) before she took a bite!

I also like to use simple white bread to make this sandwich but honestly the most important part is: fresh bread.  It makes a world of difference.

Note: this should be enough for 4-5 sandwiches, you can double, triple or cut in half this recipe as you wish!

Printer Friendly: Egg Salad

Peace and Chew…it helps,


Find my recipe here as well:


13 thoughts on “Egg Salad Sandwich

  1. First of all, I love egg salads!! My husband, family and friends call me “Lucy” after Lucille Ball because I am the clumsiest person on this planet. I say the wrong things, leave destruction in my path and my poor husband is always “putting out fires” so to speak. It’s nice to meet another.

  2. Isabelle, I’m so glad you survived the chip ordeal. That was scary klutzy! (But too funny about your kids inheriting your “oops” gene — it will make life entertaining for them in the long run.) 🙂

  3. You my friend are not alone on the Planet Clumsy. I am right there with you. Sad, but true. Thie recipe looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing it. Visit us on Facebook and like us. We are trying to hit our goal of 500 by October. Thanks so much.

  4. Wow. I have so many emotions tied to egg salad. To me it screams my Mom. Comfort.

    We do boil our eggs differently, and I still love you, Isabelle.

    MUST be fresh white bread. and I will try the grilled hot dog bun since the butter makes it healthier. Duh.

    I hate peeling eggs. Does anyone have secrets to efficiency? Or do you have a a high school freshman you can loan me to do that grunt work? I am very lazy and selfish. But I will give said freshman an egg, if they peel it for me / themself.

    You are sweet to let me ramble as I watch, in public, my dearest Sooners struggle against the Seminoles.

    Lastly, curry ain’t so bad in egg salad either, but I do prefer it plain. Thanks for the inspiration, Isabelle!

  5. Oh, Isabelle! I’m so glad you’re ok! At least it’s an inherited trait, so don’t go blaming yourself. I passed the clumsy gene to my daughter, too — she choked on a mozzarella stick when she was little — very scary. As for me… I tend to fall over things (or things fall over when they see me…) Aren’t produce aisle avalanches fun?! 🙂 That aside, your egg salad sounds delish — looks like your chickens are keeping you supplied!

  6. Isabelle, glad to hear you are ok. I once inhaled a a tiny piece of cabbage while I was eating coleslaw. I could not breathe and began to wheeze so my brother in law who is a doctor jumped up and did the Heimlich on me, it worked! But I was so embarrassed!!!! Since then I chew very carefully and keep a glass of water next to me. ☺

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