Ugly Stuff

What?  What is this title?  What is she up to now?

OK, so this is kind of a smmishcmash of stuff….I AM TOO ALLOWED to make up words! 🙂

As some of you know, I had lunch with my friend HaeWon.  We had a great lunch.  She is such a beautiful person.  We talked about cooking and boy do I need to up my game.  She just won not only the SPAM contest but NUMEROUS cooking entries this year at our Fair, so awesome.  Also for those of you who will say: “spam…yuck…”  Well, I don’t know much about Spam, it’s not something I grew up eating.  Mr. Man on the other hand probably did. (Penny/Mom don’t be mad!)  But as I told HaeWon today: “if I had to come up with a new recipe including wood chips, I’d do it!  It doesn’t matter what the product is, let’s just be creative.”  Honestly, I don’t care what you give me as an ingredient, I’ll make it work!  (OK, not so much with the wood chips…)

OK so my point…(the long cut as usual) we talked about our favorite tools in the kitchen, stuff you just can’t let go of, stuff you don’t want to show your guests when they come over.  Hers: a cooking spoon circa 1945 (kiddin’), the poor spoon has been through a lot.  But it WORKS!  I said to keep it, why mess with a good thing?

Mine… the famous measuring spoons…I had to let go finally.  Why? Because my loving husband brought me a sweet gift the other day; new measuring spoons!

My new measuring spoons

The fact that I cook is not a mystery to anyone especially him but the fact that he knew I had been using very very old and broken measuring spoons is amazing.  He never ever goes in that cabinet.  Mostly because it’s baking stuff but in reality because he does not cook nor bake.  EVER!  He will tell you that it’s because he’s not allowed and well…. he would be right.  It’s my kitchen.  He has the barn, the garage, the grill (well we share that)…etc…the kitchen is mine.  It works.

Here is what I was using:

The ugly truth...broken, stained and faded

For someone like me who cooks and bakes daily…well that’s a little weird but I kept thinking, they still work and do their job.  To be honest, I had a really hard time throwing them away…I actually debated giving them to Goodwill…that’s just sad…so I put them in the recycling bin.

What about you?  What item can’t you part with although it might be time to update?

Peace and Broken,



12 thoughts on “Ugly Stuff

  1. My measuring cups looked like a good partner for your measuring spoons. We recently had our kitchen gutted and rebuilt. I had to laugh yesterday as I was unpacking boxes trying hard to find my measuring cups when I came across my 40 year old heat scarred, tomato sauce stained, broken handled Tupperware measuring cups. Right before the remodel, I finally broke down and purchased myself a very nice set of stainless steel measuring cups fit for a new kitchen. Dang if I can find them though!!!!! I have multiple cooking tools that are covered in battle scars but still have lots of usefulness left in them – kind of like me!!!!!

  2. LOL, I have a set of plastic measuring spoons that have seen their better days, too! Why do we keep such things?! The one thing I WILL NOT PART WITH is my 35 year old Rubbermaid bowl. My kids still call it “the big yellow bowl” — we made snow ice cream in it, and millions of cookies. It’s missing the rubber ring on the bottom (kept it from sliding on the counter), because both of my kids used it as a “teething ring” (I can still “see” them chewing on it in the high chair while I buzzed around the kitchen) and I have no idea where that part of it went. I still use that bowl to this day, for everything from pie crusts to bread dough and cookies (although not snow ice cream so much), even though now it slides around on the counter! 🙂 Great post, Isabelle!

  3. I know you’ll come up with amazing food! I don’t know how you did it…I have FOUR sets of measuring spoons and I use and dirty every set all the time! You really held on!

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