Easy Cannoli

my little Bear took this pic, isn’t it pretty? I love it

I am keeping a very low profile.  I just asked Matt if he wanted to go for a walk with me.  But I won’t tell him (unless he asks) why I want to get out of the house. I just don’t want him to know what I made…it’s not a surprise, he just won’t be happy.

Here’s why: I made cannoli….and they are delicious.  He has been after me with the desserts in the house.  It’s not so much that he is mad but simply that we have had an over abundance of sweets in the past week and sadly (not really) there is no end in sight.  Now, I am much more a savory lover than sweets BUT I love to make sweet stuff.  I don’t really eat it and I completely understand how cruel that is.  It all started with Kristie’s birthday last weekend, she requested (in fact our friend Joni requested) my strawberry cake.  Then it was bear’s birthday and she wanted German Chocolate (her fave).  In the midst of all of it, Sunshine brought home a HUGE piece of cake (more like half a cake) from her boyfriend’s (yuck) birthday party.  Finally, we have Sunshine’s birthday on Sunday….she wants a chocolate overloaded cake.  I am unsure what that means but I know it will be sweet and chocolaty!

Easy Cannoli (inspired by the recipe on the box from: Alessi)

Simple Ingredients....Delicious Dessert

Simple Ingredients….Delicious Dessert


1 box of ready made cannoli (box usually have 6-8 cannoli)

15 oz (about 1-pound) whole milk ricotta cheese (if you want to use the low fat stuff…I can’t guarantee the results)

1/2 cup powdered sugar

Zest 1 lemon

1 tablespoon triple sec

2-3 tablespoons roughly chopped semi-sweet chocolate chips (I fear I had more like 4 tablespoons but who’s counting)

Semi-sweet chocolate chips or toasted coconut for decoration

How to:

Using your mixer whip your ricotta cheese and your powdered sugar.  Add your lemon zest, triple sec, and chopped chocolate chips.  Mix well and spoon into a resealable plastic bag.  This is optional but it will make your life really easy to fill your cannoli.  Fill each with as much filling as possible…come on that’s the best part of all this.  You will have enough filling for about 8 cannoli.  Decorate each “end” with chocolate chips or toasted coconut.  You could also dust with more powdered sugar.  I just didn’t want Matt to think I went overboard….right!

in case you care this is the type of bag I use to fill my cannoli ;)

in case you care this is the type of bag I use to fill my cannoli 😉

yummy cannoli

yummy cannoli

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Peace and keeping it sweet,


Note: when I said I don’t eat the sweets I meant that I will have a piece but I am never one to obsess and have to eat every single bite until it’s all gone.  I cannot do that with savory stuff, especially chips….unless it’s Doritos, I don’t like them, so that’s all I buy so I won’t eat them….I am bizarre I know.


7 thoughts on “Easy Cannoli

  1. Delicious! I love to bake and make sweets, but I also have a vicious sweet tooth…so I HAVE to limit myself. These are beautiful and I’m sure everyone loved them!

  2. Isabelle, these look so divine I know I’d eat TWO of them, all the while thinking, “I cannoli eat one.” 🙂 Love Bear’s photo of the butterfly (moth?) — simply beautiful!

  3. I can’t believe it! Remember at Euchre when I told you I had two things to tell you and then got interrupted before I could tell you the second? Well what I was going to tell you is that I have some cannoli tubes that I wanted to give you. When I lived in New York they had the best cannolis that I have ever had (That was until McKenna and I had this incredible miniature cannoli in Florence in April)

    I went through this cannoli phase and tried to perfect a cannoli. The key is to make it very thin and light so it has a wonderful crisp crunch.- not an easy task. So they are yours if you want 🙂

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