Oh! Happy Day Fruit Salad!

Bright and Cheerful Fruit Salad!

Bright and Cheerful Fruit Salad!

The past few days have been filled with extreme highs and lows.  I feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster….I don’t like roller coasters.  I like slow and steady!  One of our great highs this week was finding out that our freshman daughter made the J.V. soccer team for her high school.  She worked really hard to get there.  We are extremely proud of her and would have been even if she hadn’t made the team, because we know how hard she tried.

That being said the stress of every day life with a teen has been affecting our home.  I don’t mean to sound so harsh but if you have teenagers in your home then you understand.  Even the best kids have “stuff” and although we all have been teenagers at some point…well, everyone is so different and they don’t come with an instruction booklet!  To add to this, once you have one kid figured out then the other one is completely different with a whole other bucket of issues!

The one thing that gets me through the day: humor.  That’s it.  Just try to laugh about anything and everything.  Oh and good friends to talk to always helps!  Thank you Jennifer 😉

To celebrate the girls’ effort and to come together as a team (in fact 2 teams: Varsity and J.V.) we are having a Family Fun Day.  The freshmen are responsible for fruits and vegetables.  I decided to make a special HUGE fruit salad with an orange & agave sauce.  Fresh, sweet and healthy, great for athletes 🙂


Fruits and lots of them 😉 12 cups total (had 2 cups each: grapes, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, apple, bananas)

1 cup orange juice

Juice 2 lemons & zest 1 lemon (keep the juices of each lemon separate)

1 teaspoon almond extract

4 tablespoons agave syrup (preferably organic) or honey (also organic and local if possible)

Shredded toasted coconut (optional, for serving) about 1/2 cup

How to:

Put all your fruit in a very large bowl.  Toss fruits with the juice of one lemon.  Set aside.

In a medium saucepan put your orange juice, lemon zest, lemon juice and agave syrup.  Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer.  Let this cook until reduced by 1/3.  Add you almond extract and mix well.  Let this cool to room temperature.  Please do not put hot sauce over fruits….it’s just a bad idea!  When your glazed has cooled, pour over your fruits and toss gently to cover all.

To serve, scoop your fruit salad into bowls and sprinkle with coconut.  I love the contrast of the fresh fruits with a bit of sauce and the crunchiness of the coconut.

Fruit Salad and optional toasted coconut

Fruit Salad and optional toasted coconut

Fruit Salad with Orange and Agave Sauce

Fruit Salad with Orange and Agave Sauce

Printer Friendly: Fruit Salad with Orange and Agave Sauce

Peace and Laughter,


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7 thoughts on “Oh! Happy Day Fruit Salad!

  1. Been there done that with the teenagers girl! The stress didn’t help my marriage either. If you ever need to talk or advice I would be glad to help! Teenage girls 😦 PS On the bright side your Fruit Salad looks yummy and beautiful!

  2. Humor is definitely a roller-coaster-smoother-outer during those times… 🙂 Just remember: The ride DOES end eventually! In the meantime, sounds like you have things handled and your salad looks great!

  3. That fruit salad looks so tasty. You can’t go wrong with fruit of any kind! Teenagers…been there done that also, I think boys are easier, we had one girl and two boys. You are right, each one reacts differently to whatever is going on in their lives with their ups and downs and so many activities they get involved in. Congrats to your daughter making the team.

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