Got Corn? or How to happily lose your Sunday!

I know it’s a corny title…corny….get it…OK, it’s not that funny, but I have been in the kitchen working on 132 ears of corn!  My mind is a little fuzzy!  I have to tell you how happy it makes me to be able to “waste” 6 hours in my kitchen doing stuff….I am very very very fortunate to have a lovely kitchen, and time to use it to make beautiful food for my family.

What happened: my friend Elaine posted on facebook: ” I have LOTS of sweet corn in my front yard if anyone wants or needs some! Bring your own bag and come and pick some. I will even help!” OH MY OH MY….she lives 2 minutes from my house.  I was the first one to reply and thought: “oh my goodness what if it’s all gone by the time I get there”….  I know Elaine is reading this laughing.  There was more corn to pick than silly stuffs I write about (which we all know is a lot!)  Elaine called me  back…because it wasn’t enough for me to reply to her post, I actually got her phone number from my Aunt Sara and called her…yes I am a bit weird about the potential of fresh food.  I have to tell you that I just adore Elaine, the first story I ever heard about her was from Aunt Sara who said that Elaine brought them a pie when they moved in to their house.  A PIE…that just melts my heart.  I knew Elaine was my kind of person.  A PIE!!!! aaaaah!  To make me even love her more: we have the same birthday!  how cool!

Look at this corn! Isn't that perfect!

Sunday= corn day

6 hours

132 ears of corn

75 cups of fresh corn ready for the freezer

Isabelle= one happy chick!

Ingredients/what you will need:

corn (for real!)

extra large pot

2-3 extra large bowls

large bag of ice (trust me it’s worth it if you are doing a lot of corn)

a very sharp knife

medium and large resealable bags or foodsaver bags

How to:

You must first shuck your corn!  Fill your large pot with water and bring to a boil.  I like to have another large pot with more hot water ready to go when I need to add water to my “corn” pot.  Mind you I was working with 132 ears of corn, so you may not need to have such a back-up plan!

Next, you must have your ice bath ready.  I had 3 large bowls fill halfway with water and ice (at least 2 cups).

my kitchen "set-up" for the corn madness

I did 12-15 ears of corn at once in my pot.  Cook for 5 minutes in boiling water.  Then put all the corn in ice baths in order to stop the cooking process.  Do not overcook or under ice bath (new lingo here!).  Equal amount of time in both situations.  Process called: blanching.


Corn icing 🙂

Once your corn has spent time in ice cold water, place it on a clean kitchen towel to dry.  Working with a very sharp knife slice the corn off each cob and place in a bowl.  See my picture of how to hold and slice… very scientific process here! 😉

I was very clear to my kid to only take a picture of my hands not my corn outfit... 🙂

When all your corn has been cooked, cooled, cut, bowled (!)…time to put everything in freezer friendly containers or bags.  You don’t even have to cook the corn when you want to use it.  Simply microwave for a few minutes and you are ready to go.  YUMMY.

Look at all that delicious corn!

It's going to be a fabulously corny winter 😉

You could make: corn salsa, corn bread, corn chowder….etc…

I hope you enjoyed this little journey in the “wasted” day of Isabelle!  I sure did.  I am so glad I took the time to do this for us.  I am so thankful for my friend Elaine and her generosity.

Peace and Blanched,


8 thoughts on “Got Corn? or How to happily lose your Sunday!

  1. Oh boy! Do these pictures remind me of growing up!!!! My grandfather was a farmer and we’d bring home a stationwagon full of corn only to spend the next few days doing just what you show in your pictures. It’s a lot of work as you well know, but come winter – we loved pulling it from the freezer for supper! YUMMY! Thanks for the journey down memory lane!

  2. Isabelle, your “corny” post was so HAPPY! You can tell when someone loves what they’re doing (even if it takes 6 hours, not counting “corn picking” to do it!) — that’s the true definition of “a labor of love!” 🙂

  3. Hi Isabelle, All your pages are wonderful to read….It’s a pleasure for me to see all this corn today!!! Continue j’Adore te lire chaque jour. Bye, Marie

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  5. Not only was this another “instructional” post, Isabelle, I think that’s the cutest corn-pickin’ picture I’ve ever seen (corn in a laundry basket with color-coordinated handles.) 🙂

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