A little bit of everything…and an egg sandwich :)

Well, you knew it would happen.  I have started my egg recipes’ quest.  It was only a matter of time.  I say everything happens for a reason.  We plan our family vacation, get a house sitter, get organized….and the crazy chicks decide it’s time to start laying eggs.  REALLY?…I mean REALLY!  So, in good Isabelle fashion I get all worked up and excited only to have to leave my house (remember I am a  BIG homebody…loooooove my home, my stuff, my food, my life…..)

It was worth it, we had a lovely time.  Even though we didn’t catch any fish worth talking about.  Too hot, even the fish were passed out from the heat!  We did take the girls to an amusement park….all I have to say about that is: I am too old for roller coasters but I will gladly sit with my husband and people watch while the girls do EVERY single ride (4 or 5 times each) and close the place!  Why? Because I know that airports and amusement parks are the BEST people watching places ….ever!

Here are some pics from our fishing spot…simply gorgeous:

Sunset, our first night at Lake Patoka

Our first sunrise, quiet and perfect.

calm, peaceful and serene all in one sunrise

my Mr. Man 🙂

moi 😉

girls fishing and talking....

OK, so back to my eggs.  I have been “saving” this great recipe I found on Cooking with Mel‘s blog.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to make it with my “first” eggs.  The lovely Mel said I could “re-blog” her recipe.  But please take a moment to go check out her blog when you have a chance.  She is not only funny but so darn pretty and witty!  Gotta love that in a girl.

Mel’s post about the Eggies in the Hole Grilled Cheese Sandwich:  Cooking with Mel


2 pieces of bread

2 eggs

4 slices of cheese – 2 Cheddar; 2 American

Salt and pepper

Garlic powder


How to:

Over medium heat, heat a large skillet.  With a cookie cutter, cut a whole into the middle of each slice of bread, being careful not to break the bread on the sides.  Butter both sides of each bread slice.  Crack each egg in its own individual dish.  Once skillet it hot, add each slice of bread to the skillet.  Immediately add one egg to each hole.

Season with salt, pepper and garlic to taste.  Let it cook until egg is completely fried/set on the bottom and the bottom of the bread is a golden color [like grilled cheese].  Carefully flip each piece of bread over, ensuring that the egg does not break and repeat the frying process.

Re-season if you desire.  Once flipped, add cheese to each slice of bread and cook until melted (which should coincide with the egg being fully cooked and the bottom part of the bread being golden).  Stack the bread together like a sandwich, so that the cheesy sides are together like a grilled cheese sandwich!

Please excuse this picture….I can’t see straight, I am too tired:

half of my sandwich with MY 2 eggs...and lots of cheese!

CONFESSION: I am so tired from trying to get back into the groove of things at home that I really did copy Mel’s instruction…unless she tells me to change it all….I am leaving it…I am too tired to retype!

ALSO the lovely Mel awarded me this cool award:

I have to pass this lovely award to 10 lucky bloggers….that’s a though one because I love so many and I hate to leave anyone out…..darn I don’t like this part but here goes:

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Peace and EGGS!


14 thoughts on “A little bit of everything…and an egg sandwich :)

  1. She’s back! Hooray! Sorry you didn’t catch many fish, but you made a great looking fisherwoman! Your sunrise / sunset photos were breathtaking, too… I will be contemplating their serenity. And thank you for the award!! That’s so like you — too tired to type, but handing out happiness with your last ounce of effort. 🙂 Thanks so much, Isabelle! Welcome home and get some rest!

  2. Wow! The fishing spot looks so calm and peaceful! I love the pictures…and what you did with the eggs – delicious! Thank you for the award….I am so touched!

  3. Great. Now my stomach is growling for something other than leftover pizza, Isabelle. Good thing the groceries will be delivered later today. You’ve inspired me to cook up a storm with Mel’s simple little ditty.

    Welcome home.

    I just got home, too. It feels like I’m off again too soon to BlogHer next week. Are you going, by chance?

    Sorry I haven’t been by lately. We’ll have to talk more often.

  4. Thank you so much! Your pictures are so beautiful and serene. Looks like you guys had a great time! Congrats on your award and your Eggies in the Hole look awesome! My son makes grilled cheese with eggs on it all of the time. I will have to show him this method!

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