Flying the coop!

Hey Girls! (that's what we say to them everytime we go by the coop)

Houston we have a problem.  This is what I kept hearing when my neighbor Kristie called and said: “so funny all your chickens are on my back porch.”  WHAT? geez….that’s not going to work.  I mean we have 5 acres, why do these crazy girls need to wander off to the neighbor’s property.  Granted they’re our one and only neighbor so the chicks don’t have a lot to choose from but still.  I guess the grass is always greener… They also happen to have a pool and a beautiful deck, which would look pretty gross covered in chicken poop.  (sorry about the mental visual)

So, after Matt got done with work, we made our way to Menard’s (Midwest’s “better” Home Depot/Lowe’s) and bought more supplies.  We are planning a better, bigger, higher fence for the chicks to stay in and have some roaming space.

NOTE: it’s been 1000 degrees this past week….was it a good idea to do hard labor outside?  I say: “nay, nay”  😉

So we worked in this lovely heat from 4 till 8.  We both looked like crazy sweaty fools but it had to get done.  The thing is, we are going on a small family fishing trip for a few days.  Which means that Matt’s cousin Jack is coming over to house-sit, dog-sit and chicken-sit!  We needed to make sure the chickens were easy breezy to care for.   We didn’t want him to have to chase the chickens all over the place.

Here is our final product:

New big yard for the ladies!

Step two will be: wing clipping.  NO worries it doesn’t hurt them.  It’s like getting an haircut or clipping your nails.

Here is an example of a clipped wing:

Steve's clipped wing

CONFESSION:  This pains me to tell you…but I was fooled by that first egg.  Between you and I…I almost cried when I found out that 2 neighbor kids (not our “real” neighbor but further away) put the egg in there.  I was sooooo upset but I understand how they would think it was funny.  Since it is our first time raising chickens, you can imagine how excited I was at the thought of our first egg.  Today we did truly have 3 eggs.  At first, I was very leery, but Matt is the one who found them.  I know some of you will say: “how could you not know…blah blah blah”  Hey!  At least I’m being honest and telling you I was duped!  But finally we have our eggs, and look how pretty they are:

Fresh eggs....yes, I am in my pjs!

excuse me...a little privacy please 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this little update…and please feel free to feel sorry for me about the “fake” first egg…I am still crushed….or scrambled…

Peace and lots of love to all my sweet readers,



7 thoughts on “Flying the coop!

  1. LOL at the “first egg” hoax — too funny. I don’t know anything about chickens (except what I’m learning here), so they had me fooled, too! Hope you have a great time, and GOOD JOB on the new enclosure for “the girls!”
    P.S. I’m from Minnesota so I know what Menard’s is — but I loved your description!! 🙂

  2. Oh – I would have been devastated about the egg, too….. I’m glad you were abel to corral the girls – have a great fishing trip! Thanks for a chuckle!

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