I had a very hard time trying to find a good title for this post.  I kept wanting to have something more catchy or descriptive but after all was said and done: Happiness is what I wanted to talk about.

Doesn't that Praying Mantis look happy?

I am not planning on giving you the key to eternal Happiness…I just don’t have that power.  I simply wanted to share with you a few things that make me happy.  No worries it won’t be a long boring list, but simply odds and ends of happiness.

Happiness is: Food; making a meal so delicious that my family/friends tell me 2-3 times during the meal how much they love it….even better: the day following said meal my daughter looks at me and randomly says: “mom, last night’s dinner was so good, please make it again soon”…..aaaaaaahhhhh 🙂

Happiness is: our family fishing vacation; I simply love being on our boat, relaxing and fishing with the people I love….even better: thinking we only have 1 day left to our vacation only to realize we have 2 days left!

Happiness is: listening to good music while I run….even better: halfway through my run, just when I think I can’t take another step, I hear a great song and the music helps me push through the pain.

Happiness is: my daughters saying: “I love you”.  It doesn’t matter when or why but the girls have always been in the habit of saying: “I love you” when we either hang up the phone, say goodnight, get out of the car…etc…even better: as a substitute teacher, sometimes I will sub at my daughters middle school (soon one in high school!!!) and they will actually say: “I love you, mom” in front of their friends!  I even get hugs!

And finally Happiness is: being called Aunt Isabelle…I know it’s a weird one, but I can’t help feel tremendous happiness when I hear my nephews say: Aunt Isabelle….”  even better:….OK, nothing beats that, it’s perfect, I love being called Aunt Isabelle 🙂

So that’s it guys, no big discovery just simple things in life that make me happy.  I have learned a long time ago that complicated is certainly not the key to happiness.  I would LOVE to hear simple things that make you happy.  Please share them with me/us!

Have a sweet beautiful day,

Peace and love,


Random Trivia Time 🙂

Where is the deer?  I am not kidding there is a deer in this picture….I took it when we went fishing last Friday 🙂


Wait for it….

Here it is:

I wasn't lying 🙂


10 thoughts on “Happiness….

  1. Lovely post! I had to click on the picture to make it really big, but I found the deer. Cute!

    Happiness to me is slobbery baby kisses that smell like vanilla soymilk and graham crackers. And my 3 year old requesting the same song be sung to her every night before bed, then saying, “I love it when you sing that song to me, Mama.” I guess happiness to me is having two little girls! (I’m sure you would agree!)

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love your thoughts on happiness and they match mine almost exactly. A well received dinner by all family members makes me happy, especially when it’s requested again.
    My children giving me a surprise hug or telling me they love me first….that’s what true happiness is for me as well!

    I love the photo as well! That deer is hiding pretty well but I found it. Great photo!!
    Jill Marie

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