The First Egg!

Pure Perfection

I cannot tell you the excitement I felt when I found our first egg…well our chicks’ first egg!  Which is why I think it is time to update you on the progress of our funny farm…in and out of the house!

The chicks are getting so big and they are truly developing unique personalities.  We have a slightly shy one, a bossy one, a few followers, an adventure seeker and a “mama” hen…who interestingly enough has been named Steve!  She is easy to pick out since she is not white or colorful like the others but simply gold.  She is also on the plump side so she truly makes her presence known!

Here she is…our lovely Steve:


As of right now we have no clue which white chick laid the egg, but as you can very well imagine I have been over by the coop 5-10 times daily hoping for another one.  To be honest, I have been holding out on you guys with great egg recipes because I want to make all those with FRESH free-range wholesome perfectly healthy eggs from my sweet girls (the chicks that is).  I have a lot of great recipes that require eggs and I want to share them with everyone but it will have to wait until I have at least 6 eggs.

I should mention here that we only have females in our coop…I say this because a few people have asked me these important questions….there are no silly questions and unless you’ve had chickens you might not know this…

Q: can you have eggs with out a rooster?

A: yes, just like any female of reproductive age, chicks have eggs…ovulate if you will.  They just happen to lay them almost daily.

Q: will you have baby chicks if they lay eggs?

A: not unless you have a rooster and he “fertilizes” the egg….if you catch my drift!

Q: are eggs safe to eat?

A: yes, and they are delicious.  You must keep your eggs in the fridge once collected.

Q: do the eggs taste different?

A: yes, they are fresh, full of flavor and delicious.

Q: can you use your eggs to cook or bake?

A: yes, same as all store bought eggs.

Here are some more pics of our lovely ladies….just to brighten your day!

2 of our 3 white chickens

Oh look! bicycles! Why are they in the barn?

In the workshop...maybe planning an addition to their coop?

They love to hang out under that tree, lovely shade!

Peace and THANK YOU for reading my blog,  I love getting your feedback and please feel free to ask any questions I will answer all (to the best of my abilities!)



14 thoughts on “The First Egg!

  1. Congrats on the first egg! Looking forward to your egg recipes. And I had no idea you didn’t need roosters to get eggs. Learn something new every day! 🙂

  2. Congratulations! I have to tell you that I am envious. I have wanted chickens for years. We travel too much to have them. I will just have to read about the chicks in your blog. I am looking forward to the recipes.

  3. I love watching my chicks and their unique personalities! We just let our “babies” (which were hatched around Easter at the local school) in with our big ones and it is so funny watching them get to know each other. Unfortunately we can’t have free range because of the free range coyotes and bob cats but they have a big area with grass and we try moving the pen often so they have plenty of freshness! I also remember the excitement of our first egg! I had to fry the very first one for myself, over easy with a ton of pepper and a slice of cheese on top, that’s how my granny use to always fix them for me!

  4. Awesome Isabelle!! Farm fresh eggs are the best! The yolks are brighter and they just taste better. It’s great that you can raise your own. I look forward to your egg recipes! I eat so many eggs every day and I look forward to trying some new dishes. 🙂 Have a great day!

  5. Cute eggs! Jacob and I bought some this weekend at the farmers market that were from that morning. Amee’s right, they are better with nicer yolks. I don’t eat eggs but my peeps tell me they are better 🙂

  6. LOVE IT! That egg will be the best tasting egg in the universe! The pictures of your little egg laying beauties are great! Thanks for sharing and congratulations!!

  7. Hi Isabelle! I am new to your blog and I am totally enjoying it. It’s funny you happen to have a new hobby. …raising chickens. I have only begun debating doing the same for the past week. I have begun looking into the situation by first buying this book called, “Raising Chickens”…then having my husband build a nice coop, similar to yours….and perhaps ordering some babies online. I want the ones that lay pastel colored eggs. I have an acre of land, unlike your 4 or 5 acres, but I have a nice area to build their new home. Can you give me any advice that you learned so far to maybe help me avoid making any mistakes.? I do realise you are new at this too. Thanks so much for any help at all.
    Barbie Anne

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