More interesting shopping!

I found this great magazine called: Uncommon Goods.  I call those shopping magazines or eye candy magazines.  In fact, it is not a magazine at all….I have to stop typing the word magazine…

Just like the Sundance Catalog (there’s the word I was looking for!), Uncommon Goods has tons of creative and fun products to feast our eyes on.  Also, if you are looking for a truly original gift for someone special (or not special, either way, I don’t judge) this is the place for you.

As always, I will share some examples of what I find to be unusual and creative!  Because I love to share my finds and I am delusional enough to think it makes sense.

Tasting Plate

Dancing Couple

Shower Squid  Isn’t that the cutest thing for kids (or pretend kids) showers?!

Black Cat headphones  I wanted to buy those for myself but even I realize I would look somewhat ridiculous at the gym with cat headphones…or maybe it is just a conversation starter???

House Rules Football Glasses  Even something for the boys 🙂

You can even choose items that were handmade or recycled products or special occasions…etc…

Here is their web page, although I love to get the Catalog and look at it over and over again…I know it’s bad and a waste of paper…

Uncommon Goods

Have a lovely day,

Peace and Be Uncommon,



11 thoughts on “More interesting shopping!

  1. I have been shopping at Uncommon Goods for years … I LOVE their things … all of their products make sense to me, no matter what.

  2. Love love love the tasting plate. Might have to buy it. The cat headphones are awesome! !! I will let you get those though. :0)

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