My First Giveaway!

Note: Giveaway is now close.  The winner is: Erin S. Congratulations! Email me your info pls.


Well, I tried to write 2 new posts earlier…total failure.  I didn’t keep them in draft because they were so boring.  I was beyond frustrated.  I am having a good day….I just can’t seem to write anything worth sharing.  So what’s a over-active girl to do?  Go for a 2 mile run and THINK!

Here goes:

~It’s finally SUMMER!

~School’s out!  Girls are home and so am I!

~My mom and dad are visiting soon!

~I love love love my scoops (see where this is going?!)

I think that is enough reasons to have a giveaway!

I use my “scoops” all the time.  I know it may seem silly but they are amazing tools.  They come in a variety of sizes and are easy to clean! Cool, right?  So since it is my blog after all (genius!) I guess I get to choose what I want to giveaway…although I am always open to suggestions!  Remember…friendly suggestions! 🙂  By the way the picture above is of MY scoops, you are not getting those.  See below the lovely NEW scoops someone will get to enjoy!

Note: My medium scoop is my favorite, I use it all the time.  So when I went to buy the medium one for the giveaway. MY OH MY look what I found.  This big OXO scoop, I couldn’t pass it up. So here you have it – 2 scoops; one medium and one extra large (I don’t even have one like that!)

To enter:  Reply to this post,  you may wish to answer the question: What do you love about summer?

(I took that from Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond; the next queen of everything…Martha is still up there!)

For additional entries:

~Subscribe to my blog.  Reminder: I value your privacy more than you know.  Hence, I don’t show my subscribers on the side of my page!  I will NEVER share your info!  But I do love subscribers!  It is quite easy really and all you get is an easy breezy email telling you I have a new post!  Just comment on this post that you subscribe.

~Like me on Facebook, here is the link:  Isabelle at home  Also comment on this post that you like me on Facebook.

I don’t twit so no twitter…sorry.  I know how ancient!

SO here you are my wonderful readers.  THANK YOU for reading and sticking with me!  I would have never ever guessed this would be such an amazing ride!  I love every minute of it, and just when I think I might not have more to share well…surprise I keep going!

I will keep this giveaway open until:  Tuesday June 7th midnight.  I will announce the winner on Thursday.

*****Little bitty thing….due to the cost of everything!  I can only offer this to people of the lovely United States and my birth place Canada!  Hopefully $ will not always be an issue and I can eventually live large!

Note: I get nothing from OXO, I do like their products but that’s all…just good products that I like to use! 🙂


138 thoughts on “My First Giveaway!

  1. I would love to win your “scoops.” Summer to me is making homemade ice cream and including all the wonderful fresh fruits of the season either in the ice cream or on it. I am in the midst of a kitchen remodel – I held out a shoe box full of items that I knew I might want to use while I was out of commission, Dang if someone did not pack it and take it to storage. My scoops are in the box – I will not see them for another 6 weeks. New ones would be great.

  2. How I found you: You were the first to friend me on Tasty Kitchen! Then I started following you on facebook and have enjoyed the recipes you’ve shared!!!
    My favorite thing about summer? Snow Cones! In Oklahoma the snow cone stands are only open from mid May to September!!!

  3. Congratulations on your first giveaway! A cookie scoop and a muffin/cupcake/ice cream scoop are perfect for a giveaway!

    Summer is all about homemade ice cream in our family!

  4. Subscribed: Check.
    FB Liked: Check.
    Thing I like about summer: Wearing a bikini!!! Ha! Wishing that were true.

    This is exciting, Isabelle!

  5. My favorite thing about summer is growing a garden and enjoying the fruits of this labor. I love a great summer heirloom tomato, fresh off the vine and loaded onto a beautiful BLT sandwich. Nothing better!

    Cute blog. I love Ree, too.

  6. What fun! I love giveaways, and those scoops look snazzy. I mean, the fact that I would use them for a) ice cream and b) cookie dough just make it all the better. 🙂

    So, my entries!
    1) Just liked you on Facebook. Hurrah for social media.
    2) Just subscribed to your blog via email.
    3) My favorite thing about summer…*has* to be beach weekends. Just the whole experience–wake up, lazy morning, walk down to the shore and soak up some sun and salty air, then finish with an awesome dinner off the grill and (non-negotiable) perfectly melty, drippy ice cream cones from our local ice cream shop. I’m smiling just thinking about it!

  7. What I love about summer is that I can sleep in and not worry about a classroom full of kiddos! What I most love about this summer in particular, though, is that I am going to go visit family in Belgium and France! I haven’t been back since I was 17!Yes, just 10 years ago!

  8. I live in Northern California and it rains ~ a lot! So what I love most about summer is the sunshine!! Sunshine means warmth, grilling, ice cream and home-grown tomatoes!

  9. What do I love about summer??? LEMONADE! I am a lemonade junky, probably not going through an entire day without a glass. And what better way to drink lemonade than sitting on a camping chair, at an amazing Ontario camping ground (Algonquin anyone?), watching my dogs run in and out of the water. I given the opportunity to win your ‘scoops’ I will more than likely use them on vegan ice-cream, macaroons, cookie dough, or to scoop up this delicious summer drink I make called “Whisky Slush”. Thanks for the the opportunity to comment!

  10. When the sun shines…I shine. I love everything about summer, barefoot, grillin, harvesting the garden and eatin fresh veggies everyday.

  11. I love going to the pool with the kids in the summer and hanging out with hubby in the backyard in the evenings. 🙂 I’m also a subscriber. Great giveaway!

  12. Honestly, summer is my least favorite season because I don’t handle the heat well. However, I love my children and the freedom to play more and sleep in without all the school responsibilities.

    I love scoops. I use mine all the time and I would love the large one. It would be perfect for muffins!


  13. One thing I don’t have enough of, is scoops in varying sizes! What a great giveaway too!

    What do I love about summer: staying cool! Something that’s a necessity in hot and humid Texas!!!

  14. I think the smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of sprinklers click click clicking, and the sound of children playing outside an open window!!

  15. I love OXO products. They totally rock. And I’m a scoop lover, too, so your giveaway is perfect in my eyes! My favorite things about summer are more time with the grandkids, homemade ice cream, and fresh produce at the farmer’s market. Mmmmm….

  16. My favorite thing about summer is having my kids home with me! I love the more relaxed atmosphere, even if it does mean more work for me in some ways.
    I’m on my way to facebook to like your page! Hope you get loads of comments and “likes”!!

  17. Adorable blog. I also love all things made by Oxo. The cookie scoops are so handy to have! Summer to me is growing and eating garden vegetables, wandering farmer’s markets, picking strawberries with the kids and eating only what’s fresh and local.

  18. For me summer is spending time with family and friends and don’t forget abount all those fresh, straight from the garden to the frying pan veggies.

  19. The best thing I like about Summer is the ability to exercise and be active outdoors! (I live in MN, the winters can be brutal)

  20. I love my 3 girls being at home with me for the summer!! I am already a subscriber to your blog…which I love, by the way!

  21. Not having a rigid schedule due to the Girl’s school and extra-curricular activities! Cool giveaway… I thought about doing my first giveaway when I hit 5 years of blogging this summer.

  22. Great giveaway!! I love scoops; I always use my mom’s when I’m at her house. I have none of my own, though, sadly! The main things I love about the summer are having the time to bake more and being able to go biking!!

  23. Summer to me is all about family, friends and good summertime foods!!!Spending the weekends on our boat and just enjoying all the wonderful things together as a family!! 🙂

  24. I moved to the USA 16 months ago from Malaysia, which is always on average temperature of 85+ degrees F. Hence, I love the similarity of the temperature of summer, which reminds me of my family and friends back home. And the hippy in me loves to be on the go wearing just a singlet, shorts and japanese slippers. 🙂

  25. What I like about summer is having friends come over (even when they don’t feel good)and hang in our pool! Great way to spend the day! I have liked you an FB for a long time now also!

  26. Like you on FB= done. Subscribed via email= done.
    I stumbled across your blog just today. Love it! I saved you to my favorites.
    Ahhh summer! Going to the lake with my family and friends, baseball games, and forth of July. I love everything about summer!
    I use to have a scoop and it broke. Would sure love a new one. 🙂

  27. Summer means NO homework to grade and more alcoholic drinks to enjoy whether it is Monday or 11 AM! Also, visiting family in Iran which is near and dear to me. My birthday is in the summer therefore, a holiday in my opinion. Also, Tommy and I LOVE concerts in the summertime. There you have it!

  28. Honey, I’m commenting on this post because 1) I know what you’re feeling when you can’t right anything ‘catchy’ but 2 because my big scoop broke while making cupcakes. I need that big scoop!

  29. What I love about summer most is the feeling that I still get of anticipation. The anticipation of a hot summer day and a BBQ, the anticipation of a cool Saturday at the lake and the anticipation of how fun our summer vacation will be. Just what summer should be!

  30. I love summer because we get our grandkids on and off all summer long! They live 2 hours away and become all ours away from mom and dad for a few days! We get a chance to input into their lives and get to know them!

  31. Garden, fishing, vacation, daughter out of school, time to make hot pepper butter, fried green tomatoes, and so on and so on. 🙂

  32. I love being able to open up all the windows and let the fresh air in. Montana winters are LONG, and the summers short but so Sweet.

  33. What i love about summer…. I love the beautiful colors of the earth and the amazing smells! It makes you so happy to be alive and appreciate health! Plus all the colors give me ideas for cooking! =)

  34. What is summer? Summer is time off from teaching, but of missing students. Summer is getting to see friends that normally work all of the time. This summer is spending time with a best friend who is getting married soon. It is love of the outdoors, ice cream, running through sprinklers, remembering my Grandma… resting, crafting, laughing, eating, laughing, having fun, and laughing some more. I clearly have a lot of hopes for this summer! This makes my heart happy.

  35. I love camping on the weekends for a quick getaway with friends! Nothing better than being out on the lake, grilling and topping the day off with a bon fire and s’mores!

  36. Now wouldn’t it just be a hoot if I won the kitchen prize????????!!!!! Love your blog! Keep up the good work!

  37. I am not sure I am even eligilble but I want to at least try and promote your blog as much as I can. What I like best about summer is i get more of a chance to try new ricipies and desserts mainly. I like that I can stay up later to be outside with the kids. What I like most about summer is the sense of no pressure of anything.

  38. I love getting up early and baking while it’s still cool – then the rest of the day the house smells delish! 🙂

  39. Love this new blog–thanks to Andrea~! My fave things about summer are spending time with kids, the pool, and grilling out! Thanks frr all the great recipes–can’t wait to try the Chicken gyros! I am part Greek, so always looking for a good Greek recipe!! 😉

  40. I love summer evening sitting outside watching my kids play outside just before its dark. This is my ahhh life is good moment.

  41. The sun is just right in the Summer that it peaks through my bedroom window at just the right time when I want to wake up and feel the warmth on my face. 🙂

  42. Congrats on your first giveaway. I love OXO scoops. I love summer because the days are longer, people tend to me more laid back and everyone is in the mood to do fun things and PICNIC, my favorite summer activity.

  43. Summer to me is getting together with friends and family for cookouts, picnics, and fun times without, what can be, the stress of “holiday” gatherings during the rest of the year.

  44. I love summer for many reasons especially the extra time with kids being out of school. Subscribe to email and like you on Facebook

  45. I just subscribed to your blog and friended you on Facebook…no Twitter for me anymore either, it’s just too complicated compared to Facebook. LOL I am new to these recipe blogs, but am really looking forward to sharing! Thank you for the giveaway as I look forward to this. What a great opportunity for someone to gain some extra tools to use in the kitchen!

  46. I love everything about summer (except the bugs), but since I live in Saskatchewan, I especially appreciate the WARMTH! The winter is way too long & way too cold! I’m glad for flip-flops, capris, tank tops & iced tea!

  47. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to leave seperate comments for subscribing to your page, but I just subscribed! I can see myself browsing it for a while today!

  48. As a Mother I use to love summer because my children were home…but being a grandmother….now I love my grandchildren coming to stay a part of the summer with me. We eat lots of watermelon and make a lot of ice cream together…those scoops will come in handy!

  49. I love summer…and everything about it. I love the longer days, warm weather and the garden blooming.
    I love going to the beach and picking veggies, going to the farmers market and summer canivals.
    What isn’t there to LOVE!?

  50. Long, long summer days! Sun comes up around three right now and we don’t have darkness until about midnight. That will get narrowed down to about one hour of darkness come June 21. Makes it hard to know when to go to bed!

  51. I love, love, love my scoops too. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve bestowed the Versatile Blogger Award on you. Stop by my site to check it out. I’m at

  52. I love the warm weather – 90 and I am a happy girl!! We get to hop on our motorcycles and just go…comfortably. It also allows us to get together with family & friends more frequently…another reason to make/eat good food and enjoy the important people in our lives.

    • i love the fact that summer means i can eat ice cream without shivering! i love ice cream and i subscribed and don’t have fb so i can’t like you 😦 but thank you anyways! 😀

  53. My favorite part of summer is hand piking the fruit in our backyard, turning it into delicious jams, jellies, and my favorite, cider, and then spending the day canning with my mom! 🙂

  54. I love OXO brand..I have several of their products. Thanks for the chance to win. I love Summer because you can get outside an enjoy the sunshine, flowers, being with family and the fun activities that come with summer time.

    Hugs, Sheena

    note* my site is of my card making right now..when I start making more recipes I’ll be posting them there also 🙂 Have a great day

  55. Oh, I am so enjoying breakfast outside. My kids and I hit the yard early and don’t come in till the bugs are biting in the evening. I love that about summer!

  56. Summer to me is bbq and beer on the deck! I love sitting in the backyard with my family! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  57. I would love making sorbet & milkshakes & ice cream & then scooping them with your scoops. . . besides I love my scoops too & somebody (the Mister) left mine in the sink to rust away while I was gone 😦

    xo, Shannon

    I already like you too

  58. Summer is warmth. Time to spend with those I have warm feelings for. My sons, my friends. My smoker grill cranking, my sons tossing a ball, my friends llaughing, and the music playing.

  59. the best part of summer is great adventures with the babies! (not so baby any more)
    we love picking! fruit picking that is. almost anything to do with the outdoors. one of our favorite places to go is cataract falls! so much to do and see. maybe we can plan a trip together?

  60. Hi Isabelle my favorite thing about summer is getting together with family and friends and cooking out. 🙂

  61. I have been really busy at home and almost forgot to enter your giveaway. I love pretty much everything about summer except the mosquitoes! We live across the street from a swamp, so they are pretty bad! But I love everything else about summer.

  62. Great Give away Isabelle! I love the scoops oo….specially htose Fruit scoopers!! Glad to be ur follower!! Me from the United Kingdom!! I know I know….Won’t be getting any of ur scoops ;( but hey….like to be your follower! Do visit my blog when you get time!


    • I am so scattered…sorry…you did say to mention why you loved summer. Well Summer for me is a mixed bag. I am from Ireland and I love the summers over that part of the world, you get such a nice variety of weather …its manageable and you can choose where to enjoy it and at what temp lol…however I do love the Texan summer too as it is so great to be able to go out at anytime of the day in shorts and T’s but I am not a big fan of the triple digits without A/C!

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