Shower of Awards!

Wow!  This is probably going to make everyone gag but: I was awarded another award, the Shower of Award’s Award.  Either that or the fact that I use the word “award” 4 times in the same sentence!

To make matters more “gag” like (?) I was also awarded (again) the Versatile Blogger Award, this time from the beautiful Anne from: From my Sweetheart

Thank you so very much for the Shower of Awards from the lovely Giulia.  Her blog is: AlterKitchen . It is DELICIOUS just to look at.  I want her to cook for me, I can have a glass of wine and enjoy watching her!

OK….do you guys really need to know 7 more “things” about me?  I mean, I bore myself!  I don’t live a very exciting life.  Although I do love my life….I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

So here are 7 boring facts about me.

1- I don’t drink milk

2- I have 10 fingers and 10 toes

3- I eat

4- I love to exercise

5- I shower daily

6- I can’t sing

7- I use deodorant

There you have it folks the exciting life of Isabelle.  By the way, one of my soccer players said to me today: “look at him (pointing at another player on the field) he thinks he is the coolest cat in the pet store”.  I laughed so hard.  This is a 6th grader calling out another player.  I said: “yeah, but he’s still in the store!”…..OK, I know; lame but that made sense at the time!

Here are my Shower of Award’s Awardees (wow, I really need to learn English!)

In no particular order:

The lovely and funny: My Mother in Law is Still Sitting Between Us

The dynamic Duo: Carolina HeartStrings

The Zumba Goddess: Burgers2Broccoli

The Mommy that can do it all: Basilmomma

The lovely and beautiful Serena: Ten Things That…

The friend I want to live with; Kim: A little lunch

The ever so talented Kristin: Delightfully Dowling

The GUY that cooks so well Ry Ry: Ry Ry\’s Recipes

The french blog I love to read: Charline Cuisine

The “sweet” Lisa: Sweet as Sugar Cookies

The magnificent  and TALENTED:   Big Bold Beautiful Food

Thank you again for reading!  You guys are the best!

Peace and love,



7 thoughts on “Shower of Awards!

  1. Isabelle, there’s a lawn chair on our deck with your name on it and a wine glass waiting to be filled. 🙂 Anytime, sweet friend!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your award and humble thanks for sharing the honor.

  2. Thank you, Isabelle! That’s so sweet of you. I feel so guilty as I haven’t been blogging lately. Work has been nuts, but I hope things will let u soon. Love how you are developing your own blog. Great job!

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