The Accent

Rarely a day goes by that I don’t get asked: “where are you from?”  It’s the accent, hopefully it doesn’t come through too much in my writing but I open my mouth and there it is!  It use to really bother me but not anymore.  I don’t even think about it too much,  unless Mr. Man makes fun of me or one of my two twerps decide that it would be amusing to repeat what I say…especially how I say it.

It always seems funny to me how everyone needs to know exactly where I am from.  If I don’t say anything then they try to guess right away.  Oddly enough they never say French Canadian.  I often get: German, Swedish, or Dutch.  When I tell them no: French Canadian.  I get the: “really?”  Like it so boring or not exotic enough.  Mind you I live in Indiana, not the most exotic locale you could find in the United States!  Now, don’t get mad, I love Indiana.  I love the people, I love that people care about Indiana.  I care about it too!  Most people are from here, born, raised, schooled, married….etc… I am always the outsider, which might be why a lot of my friends are outsiders. (non-hoosiers)

Living in Florida, everyone is from somewhere else.  You truly are a gem if you were born and raised in Florida.  My sister in law is a little Florida cracker, and now so are my nephews!  My sweet perfect nephews…oh! how I miss them.

I have a difficult time with certain words, mmmmm let me think….I’ll just ask Matt, I know he has a mental list of all the weird stuff I say…

Here are some:

“Let’s give it a world”= “Let’s give it a whirl”. In my mind, giving it the world makes sense, like give it it a whole lot! 🙂

Tongue vs thong….not always pretty

Worse vs worst

Used to or use to

One girls versus two girl

Then and now…or….now and then

Bringing versus taking (I still am confused…)

He is getting a little big for his bridges instead of britches…(still wrong – I originally put brigges, Matt made it clear it was britches)

“every so and often” or is it: “every so often”????

OK OK….that is quite enough.  I am starting to feel a tad like an outsider (more than usual!)

Peace and thongs….!


I have this on my fridge just to remind myself that I am OK…sort of…


11 thoughts on “The Accent

  1. Don’t worry; I make fun of my husband for his Indiana accent. We’re both from Indiana, but his family is “hickier” than mine. It took me a while, but I finally got him to stop saying “warsh” instead of wash and things like that. He still pronounces cash like “kay-sh” and miracle like “mare-akel”, but he has improved greatly since we got married.

    Your accent is just another thing that makes you unique!

  2. I’m from upstate NY but living in Boston now, so although I never really noticed I had an accent, I feel like it comes out really thick these days.

    Not that stupid Brooklyn/Bronx/Long Island stuff, just a regular NY one. 😛

    Although a bit of Jersey comes out from my grandparents when I say “tuh-MAY-tuh” instead of tomato.

  3. Loved the weird stuff you say list! My MinnaSOta “ak-sent” sticks out like a sore thumb in Oklahoma, too. Don’t think of it as being “weird,” just think of it as being MEMORABLE. 🙂

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